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Hello and a big welcome to The Newby Tribe!  I’m so pleased to have you here, and hope that you find lots of inspiration, advice and articles to help save your sanity, rediscover the real you, and generally help you feel like YOU rather than just MUM!

I started The Newby Tribe back in 2016 when I was on adoption leave with my two children, Little Miss and Little Sir.  I’d always wanted to be a mum – and in my head it was going to be PERFECT! I’d had so many ideas about how life would be, and what I would be like as a mum – but turns out that NONE of them were true!  

In fact, I found myself drowning in the utter boredom and sheer insanity of being a mum to two primary aged children.  As much as I adore my kids, I realised that I was losing who I was – the essence of ME – and so I realised that, unless I was going to become ‘Beige Bev’, I needed something more.  Something that was just for me.  

So The Newby Tribe was born.

From my perspective of being a stay at home former teacher, and as an older parent with young primary aged children, I aim to bring you:

Ideas and suggestions of things you can do to counteract the utter boredom during the school days!

Places to take the kids that will NOT make you want to bang you head against a brick wall (no soft play here!!)

Fashion and lifestyle suggestions that are for YOU as YOU, not YOU as MUM!!

Finance ideas and tips, things to help you life the life you want, rather than the one you’re in.

Bucket loads of empathy, sympathy and understanding over the madness of parenting primary aged children, the sheer ridiculousness of schools, and your burning need to rediscover yourself!

If you are new to our Tribe, check out some of the posts below as a starting point!

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