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Hello and a big welcome to The Newby Tribe!  I’m so pleased to have you here, and hope that you find lots of inspiration, advice and articles to help you as you navigate through the Primary Years!

I started The Newby Tribe back in 2016 when I was on adoption leave with my two children, Little Miss and Little Sir.  My passion has always been education, and I spent 10 years in Primary education both as a teacher and eventually as a Headteacher – a job I loved!  However, it wasn’t until I had my children that I realised that there was a gap between what schools and teachers did, said and thought, and what parents did, said and thought!

So The Newby Tribe was born.

From my unique perspective as a Primary Head, adoptive parent and parent of a child with special needs, I aim to bring you:

  • Inspirational ideas of things to do with your kids (especially during those long summer holidays, when we are all tearing our hair out at the idea of yet another day at soft play!)
  • Advice on how to talk to schools about a whole range of issues, from bullying, dealing with the SENCo and coping with difficult conversations.
  • Resources for teachers to help plan fantastic lessons for children of all abilities, which inspire, enthuse and create awe and wonder.
  • Articles on how to cope with the changes your children are going through during these first schooling years (temper tantrums at 5 anyone??)
  • Support for both teachers and parents in managing situations such as Parents’ Evening, reports and exam stress.
  • And much much more!
If you are new to our Tribe, check out some of the posts below which will help guide you through the site!

For Parents:

Do you find it difficult to find out what on earth your children are doing all day at school? It can be like getting blood out of a stone some days! Check out the 15 Better Ways To Ask Kids About School

Have you just been matched for adopting, or are you interested in adopting? Check out Why We Adopted A Sibling Group

Are you wanting to take your children out of school for a holiday? Concerned about being fined? Have a read of Term Time Holidays : How It Affects Primary School Children

For Teachers:

Starting a new school, at any point in the year, can be terrifying for parents as much as for children.  Have a read of New School? What Parents Would Love To Know to see how you can help build a great relationship with parents from day 1.

Have you got adopted or children in care in your class? Definitely have a read of Safeguarding Adopted Children In Schools – tips to help keep children safe in your care. I’d love to find out more about you, what you are struggling with and how I can help! You can find me over on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!  Do pop over and say Hi!

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