Hello and a big welcome to The Newby Tribe!  I’m so pleased to have you here, and hope that you find lots of inspiration, advice, tips and hacks to help save your sanity when dealing with the Primary School Years.



I started The Newby Tribe back in 2016 when I was on leave with my two children.  I started teaching back in 2006 and over the years ended up, literally with no idea as to how, as the Head of a Junior academy.  I LOVED my job and I loved teaching, but realised that I needed and wanted to be able to stay home with the children whilst they went through Primary School.  The thing I really quickly realised when the children went to school, was how little I actually knew as a parent.  I knew a huge amount as a Head but as a parent there seemed to be so many different gaps and I began to find the whole school thing really frustrating.  For instance, the delay in being told when homework was due in, or the lateness in finding out about World Book Day dress up.  I realised that I was lucky in that I could figure most things out from my knowledge of working in schools for years, but most parents don’t have that luxury!


Primary School is a time of great development and joy, but it can also be a time of great stress and brings with it its own set of problems, both for children and parents.  Sometimes schools aren’t that great at giving out information that parents need, and that often parents aren’t sure where to turn to for advice on things ranging from bullying, SATs, friendship issues and learning ideas in school, but also how to help children learn at home, homework advice and suggestions on days out suitable for primary aged children.


I also realised that there are a number of home educators and teachers of primary aged children who are also struggling to find inspiration and advice on everything from finding inspirational places to take the children which are both educational and fun, new ways of teaching the curriculum and general ideas on how to engage children in the world.  I home educated my daughter for a year, and quickly realised that what I thought would work in a classroom certainly didn’t work at home – and I didn’t have the access to the resources I previously had! It made life very difficult!


So The Newby Tribe was born.


From my perspective as both a mama, former teacher and former home educator, I aim to bring you:


  • Advice and suggestions for everything to do with Primary School – ranging from friendship issues, homework help, who to talk to in schools and support services that can help.


  • Tips and tricks on how to get through each term and advice on ideas to do when things get just too much!


  • Reviews on upcoming fun, educational products that will really engage and inspire your children.


  • Days out which are fun, engaging, thought provoking and great for the whole family.


  • Bucket loads of empathy, sympathy and understanding over the madness of raising and teaching primary aged children!


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