Why Minimalism Makes Your Child A Better Student

Minimalism has been a growing trend in the interior decor for the past few years. With the new design of small Millennial flats in busy urban areas that focuses on the essential — there is no living room as architects argue that the Millennial population doesn’t entertain –, the idea that less is more has found new enthusiasts. The idea behind the tiny flats is to enable young adults to get onto the property market, through a functional accommodation that is more affordable for first-time buyers. It’s easy to understand why minimalism is moving beyond the realms of interior decor. It’s about creating a frugal lifestyle where you have everything you need and not a thing more, and more importantly, where you can maintain your standard of living without lacking anything. So, it probably doesn’t take much explaining to convince you that raising a child in a minimalist environment is good for them. In fact, minimalist children do better in their studies, here’s why:



They know how to keep a clear head

A cluttered home can clog up your thoughts and ultimately lead to difficulty in concentration, mood swings and even depression. Let’s not beat around the bush: clutter can cause distress. If you teach your child positive decluttering habits, they will know how to get rid of what they don’t need. For a start, you can expect their room to be tidy most of the time. But when they leave home to go to university, you can be sure that this simple habit will help them to stay focused all year long. Too many kids struggle with depression and stress at university. While you can’t eliminate all the factors that can affect their moods, you can teach your children to create order during their studies.


They can make it work everywhere

When you adopt a minimalist mindset, you don’t need much to feel at home. You can quickly create a comfortable environment anywhere you go, that’s hugely useful when your child needs to find student accommodation options next to their university. With simple minimalist rules, you can make your student room feel homely, by adding a framed photo of your family, a cute printed canvas on the wall, and maybe a potted plant to purify the air. Why does this matter in their studies? Because, it’s well known, when you feel comfortable in your environment, you can perform better.



They worry less about money

Finally, the biggest worry for everyone who goes to university is the student debt. Every year, more than £13 billion is loaned to students in England and creates an average debt of over £35,000 per student. However, these loans can be tricky to repay – some take several decades – and they can affect the eligibility of your child for future loans and cause stress while they study. But keeping a minimalist mindset can help to manage a budget efficiently. It’s about making every penny count. It will ensure your child is in a better position to repay their loans.


Minimalism isn’t the solution to everything. But you can cure most university-related issues through a pragmatic minimalist mindset. From mental health troubles to financial stress, with minimalism, there is less to worry about and more to achieve.


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