Protecting Your Little Ones Against The Sun This Summer

Thankfully, the British summertime can still surprise you with days and weeks of sunny weather, making it the perfect time to get the kids out of the house and using up some energy outside. However, the sun can be a damaging factor in the health and safety of your little ones and can end up ruining their school holidays. Therefore, it’s vital that you protect your kids (and the whole family) from sun damage, so that you’re able to enjoy the good weather as much as possible (while it lasts). The following areas should be taken into consideration on days you spend outdoors with your family, and if you’re travelling abroad to sunny destinations.

Clothes And Cover-ups

Even though the last thing that you and your kids might want to do is cover up your limbs with fabric during the summer fun; a light, breathable item of clothing is a sure fire way to protect your little one’s skin and prevent burning from the sunshine. Of course your kids will want to be in swimwear when it comes to paddling in the sea or swimming in the pool; however, make sure that the times that they out of the water, they are suitably covered up on their body. Cotton tees and loose shorts and dresses will ensure that your kids are covered and won’t over heat.

You could always invest in swimwear and wetsuits with long sleeves and legs, especially for those days where your kids are going to be in and out of the water all day. Hats and sunglasses are another great way to keep the glare of the sun out of little eyes and off little heads. Get the kids involved in picking out their sun accessories, so that they’ll be more inclined to cooperate and wear them each day.

Lotions And Potions

When looking after your family’s skin is your priority; you’ll need to ensure that sun cream is a staple part of your handbag’s contents. There are plenty of lotions aimed at children’s suncare on the market; take a look at some here: and stock up on your factor 30s and 50s.

Again, get the little ones involved in the routine of regularly topping up their lotion; make a game of it or sing a song together, as it will make your summer holidays much more pleasant. Also, bear in mind that not all creams are waterproof; so, you’ll need to reapply when you’re kids get out of the pool and continue to do so throughout the day.

Hydration And Shade

Water should constantly be flowing into your little one’s mouths; keeping them well hydrated is the best way to prevent sun stroke (and temper tantrums). Make sure that you’re all taking the time out to sit and relax in shaded areas out of the direct sunlight; eat your picnic under a tree if you’re in the park or even your garden. You want your family to enjoy the warmth of the weather and the fresh air, rather than the direct sun rays on your skin all day, so be mindful and make sun protection part of our summer routine.

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