The Power Of A Beautiful Children’s Bedroom

If you’re a regular reader of this blog it’s likely that you’re interested in the optimal development of your child over the primary years. This comes in many different forms, of course. It takes a wise eye to raise a child well, and it takes a strong mind to not compromise on anything that will be conducive to helping your child have a great childhood. One of the best methods of helping your child feel secure, happy and loved in their childhood home is to provide them with a bedroom they can be proud of. The benefits of doing so are more than you might initially expect. A home space is much more to a child than simply a place to sleep. The effects are much more numerous, as listed below:

Sleep Habits

Your child’s sleep habits are often formed in the early developmental years. Children often have enough difficulty getting to grips with their environment and sleeping schedules, and this can be exacerbated by bad dreams, difficult night terrors or even illnesses that affect children much more than they do adults. Not only will these sleep habits be bolstered by a great, comfortingly designed room, but it will help them feel safe and secure in their environment. As a child, nothing is greater. Remember, this room will serve as the first place they will rest their head, and that’s not insignificant.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the physiological needs are of paramount importance, and feeling safe in an environment is included with that. To help them feel safe, giving them a bedroom design they are fond and familiar with can help the room seem identifiable, and as if it was an ally to them as opposed to just somewhere they sleep at night.

It Shows You’re Proud

Decorating the walls with artwork they’ve drawn, school achievements they might have secured, or simply beautiful decorations they enjoy will help them feel respected, loved and nurtured in this, the most intimate of home spaces they occupy. At night, we all become our most vulnerable, and that is felt in the mind of a child to a heightened degree. Making the space theirs, as well as implementing beautiful furniture such as high sleeper beds for children will give them that feeling of independence and own-space necessary to raise a happy, self-confident and loving child.

It Helps Them Express

Allowing your child to inform (to a degree) your style decisions not only allows you to craft a space that best expresses their personality, but it helps them get their creative circuits firing. Keeping the bedroom clean and tidy will help them respect the living spaces they inhabit in the future, and those attitudes will last them throughout life. It’s likely that many of the behaviors we have learned carry with us from early childhood, so it’s not difficult to imagine just how providing your child with a warm space from the early days could affect them positively.

Not only does your home space need a beautiful child’s room to be complete, but your child deserves a space they love and cherish. There’s an awful lot of fun in designing one, so why not start today?

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