Make Exercise Fun For Your Kids

It is a sad fact that children today are becoming more and more overweight. With our society filled with technology and countless social media channels, it can be hard for your child to find the motivation to leave the house and get moving. Childhood Obesity is at an all-time high, and it is becoming more crucial than ever to get our kids outside, playing in the mud and climbing trees again.

But how can we make exercise more fun for our kids?

Enrol Them For A Sport

Find out what your child loves to do. They might have a sport which they already enjoy in school or maybe they have always wanted to take part in an activity or sport. Once you’ve found your child’s passion, they can join a class or a team and play to their heart’s content. If your child isn’t into competitive sport, they can do other activities such as dancing or trampolining.

Take a Class

Believe it or not, yoga and aerobics classes aren’t just for adults. Kids can participate in these classes too, and they will have fun by making friends and keeping fit at the same time.

The Great Outdoors

Instead of sitting inside all weekend with your family, arrange for a day out in the hills. Enjoy a picnic in the sun and a fun family day out, all while getting your kids out and about and making their muscles move.

Indoor Fun

Play games indoors on a rainy day, things like hide and seek or table tennis would be a great way to get everyone up and active.

Use Technology

The Wii is a great invention for those who don’t like to go outdoors or to the gym, because they offer interactive games such as Wii fit. Taking part in marathon runs, boxing practice and tennis in your living room gets your heart pumping and can actually be a great way to shed those extra pounds.

Give Them An Incentive

If you child is fairly young, the promise of a shiny trophy or medal from store might encourage them to work hard at their dance class. For older children, the promise of a trip to the cinema at the end of the month might be enough to get them out and about.

Respect Their Level

Not every child is a natural athlete. Some struggle with intensive exercises and prefer more slow paced activities such as yoga or pilates. Children are very diverse, and just because they aren’t good at one thing doesn’t mean they won’t be great at something else. Try not to push them into something they don’t like. Maybe even give them some help with areas they struggle with such as catching a ball.


You will always be your child’s biggest fan, but make sure to let them know you are always right behind them as they tackle their opponents. Attend every game you can and visit their recital to show them that you are there for them and that they are doing a great job.


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