Why Your Lifestyle Choices After Baby Might Affect Your Choice Of Stroller

If your baby is due soon, you might be ready to start the ‘nesting’ phase. This can start at any time in your pregnancy, but it is a strong instinct that you’ll find very difficult to ignore. In simple terms, you will have a need to be prepared, organized and ready for your impending new arrival. Get used to that feeling, because you’ll find that drive very handy as your kids grow older! Right now you’ll need to focus on the urgent purchases. These include your buggy or stroller, your baby car seat, and your Moses basket. Did you know that you can just about cover all three of those needs with a single purchase?

What are they?

A Moses basket is a portable crib that is light enough to carry with you from room to room. That way, your baby will always be with you as you move around the house. Perhaps you’ll be catching up on a few chores, and taking some well-earned rest on the sofa. Having baby right there will help you relax as you know you’ll stir if she does.

A baby car seat is essential. In some places, it is legally required, and you can’t travel in a car with your baby if you don’t have one fitted. If you know that you’ll want to drive to the mall, the grocery store or to a baby activity center, then you’ll have to get one. And just getting home from the maternity ward could be difficult without it.

You can often buy a system that has a fixed bottom frame attached to the car permanently. The baby seat then simply clicks into place to secure, and releases to lift out again. This can be much easier for you to manage when space at the rear door is tight!

Your choice of stroller might include high maneuverability, durable wheels, and waterproof coverings. If you have twins, then you’ll need to consider the side-by-side style of pushchair. You might like walking a lot, so some extra storage could be ideal. If you’re taking it in the car, you might opt for a lighter weight one so you can lift it in the back.

What Should I Get?

Some high-end travel systems come with a Moses basket style carrier, a car seat that connects to the stroller, and a conversion to buggy when your baby is big enough. They may cover your three essential newborn needs, but these can be quite heavy. Other travel systems like the Graco Aire3 might be more portable for you. As with the others, the baby seat clicks into the stroller as well as the car seat.

It’s important to remember that your baby shouldn’t be left for long periods in the car seat part of your travel system. Instead, consider a sling, carry harness or a flat lying stroller attachment. If you know you’ll be walking a lot after the birth, then why not try to alternate between each of them? Many moms love the convenience of a full travel system as it offers so much choice to do the things that suit their lifestyle. What will you choose?

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