7 Essentials For The Kids When Travelling

When travelling with the little ones, there will definitely be a few things you’ll have to bring along with you to ensure their safety, as well as their enjoyment. Here are just seven suggestions that will make for an unforgettable and fun family holiday.

Entertainment for the plane

Stop “are we there yet?” in its tracks by keeping the little ones occupied during the flight. Boredom can strike quickly when on the plane, and the longer the journey, the more risk there is of them growing agitated and uncomfortable. Make sure you’re bringing along some entertainment to keep them happy.

If your flight doesn’t offer entertainment as standard, bring a tablet pre-loaded with films and TV programmes to make the time fly by. Consider handheld gaming devices, music and colouring books, too – they’ll barely notice anything else if engrossed in their entertainment. However, bear in mind that bans have been placed on certain devices by specific airlines, so check before you head to the airport.


It’s unfortunate, but children are more susceptible to becoming ill when travelling. When in close proximity to numbers of people, the chance of a bug spreading is heightened, and it’s therefore easier for the little ones to come down with something.

Make sure you’re bringing medicine such as Calpol along with you so that you can combat any signs of illness immediately. Depending on their age, consider paracetamol and antihistamines for any unexpected occurrences – and, of course, don’t forget the sunscreen.


Kids are naturally inquisitive and eager to learn. So, why not supply them with books about your destination? Let them research the history of where you’re heading during travel in order to get them excited and eager to explore once you land.

Books remain a great source of entertainment that simultaneously provide valuable knowledge, and the lack of a screen means their eyes won’t be feeling tired or achy. Have a look at the airport for a couple of books that the little ones would love.

Sensible clothing

Depending on where you’re heading, you’re going to want to pack the right clothing to keep your kids both safe and comfortable. If you’ll be holidaying in the blazing sun, shorts and t-shirts or skirts and dresses will keep them feeling as cool and airy as possible.

You may want to invest in UV protection tops for the scorching beach and pool days, too. If you’re planning on splashing in the waves during the day’s hottest hours, these tops will ensure maximum protection against the beaming sun rays.


One way to keep the kids interested and willing to explore is by providing them with a camera. It doesn’t have to be anything flashy – a disposable one will do – but it adds a hint of excitement to every day as they take snaps of their impressive surroundings wherever they go.

Taking pictures is one of the best ways to retain that holiday feeling once you’re home. When the little ones return to school, they’ll be able to bring in some of the pictures they took to show their friends, and it makes it even more exciting if they took them themselves. 


Do you constantly hear the phrase “I’m hungry”? Combat it by packing some snacks both for the flight and once you’ve arrived. Food can easily drain your budget depending on where you are in the world, so preparing some easy snacks to take around with you will make for a quick pick-me-up.

Things such as cereal bars are a great idea for something that’s both substantial and relatively healthy. Consider things such as fruit and biscuits to calm the rumbling tummies. If heading out for the day sandwiches are always a safe bet to avoid splashing out on lunch.

Safety tools

Perhaps the most important thing to do when travelling with your kids is to ensure their safety. No compromises can be made when in a foreign location, perhaps with busy crowds. Consider some ideas that can always help in times of worry, so that the little ones are always safe.

CTI suggests some ingenious ways to ensure they’re never separated from you, and if they are, how to reunite – for example, make sure the kids carry a family photo with them so you can be located if someone helps them out. And always establish a meeting point, which should be a prominent feature of the location, such as a landmark.

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