Could Teaching Abroad Benefit Your Career?

There are many ways to progress in your teaching career. From chasing those promotions to seeking management opportunities, there are some wonderful development opportunities to help you reach the top of your field. Another route you can take for your career development is to teach abroad. A great way to enjoy travel and the chance to develop your teaching style, teaching abroad could lead to great thing for your future.

Interested in working overseas? Read more about how teaching abroad could benefit your career.

Renew your passion for teaching

If you’ve been teaching for a number of years, you might start to feel as though you’re losing the passion for it. Teaching comes with many challenges, and sometimes a change of scenery can do you the world of good. While changing schools could help to some extent, a move to a new country will bring a whole new load of challenges and changes that can help you rediscover your love of teaching. Adapting to these new challenges will keep your mind sharp and help you fall in love with teaching all over again.

Enjoy the chance to travel

Teaching generally isn’t a profession you associate with travel. Sure, you might get to go on the odd school trip, but essentially – you’re going to be in the same place day-in, day-out. Teaching abroad will give you the chance to live and work in a new destination and enjoy exploring new surroundings. Take a look at some of the best countries to teach in and see if any stick out as somewhere that you’d like to live in. Weekends and school holidays will give you some exciting opportunities to explore your new home, helping you to make the most of your time teaching away. The chance to travel can greatly affect your job satisfaction, helping you stay committed to your teaching career.

Develop your teaching style

Education systems vary across the world, and you can be sure of learning some new skills in another country that will change your approach to teaching. Whether you choose to work at the best international high school or you choose somewhere where there are challenges, you’ll learn new things that will benefit your career when you return home. From keeping discipline to new learning techniques, you’ll be a much wiser teacher thanks to your overseas experience.

Seek opportunities to progress

Progression can be slow in the education sector. People get comfortable in their jobs which can mean that promotions are hard to come by. Accepting an opportunity in another country could be a significant step up for your career, helping you develop skills that could make you a more attractive candidate for future opportunities. When you practice your teaching interview questions, you’ll have some great experience to share that can help set you apart from other applicants.


While teaching abroad isn’t for everyone, it’s worth considering if you want to switch up your routine and make a bold career move. If you love the idea of travelling more for your job, get involved with planning school trips and find ways you can spend your school holidays exploring new and exciting destinations. There’s a way to fit travel into most professions, so if it’s something you really want to do, find a way to make it happen for you.

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