Visiting Santa At Willows Activity Farm

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Choosing where to visit Santa can be difficult at this time of year.  Do we visit the local garden centre and see the singing reindeer? Or do we head for the local shopping centre where visiting him is free?  Do we go small or big? Do we go for free or expensive? Decisions, decisions, decisions. This year we decided we would make a day of it and head to Willows Farm in St Albans, Hertfordshire.  Part of our decision was based on the fact that we are already members so would only have to pay £13 each for the children to visit santa (still a lot of money, but so worth it for what you get!) Willows Farm is a lovely farm which you can easily spend the whole day at.  On a regular day it has fair ground rides, bouncy castles, drive along tractors, an assault course, a Peter Rabbit playground, a huge soft play with slides and lots of animals to see, feed and hold, as well as a regular theatre shows.  At Christmas it has this – and SO much more!

Visiting Santa

As expected, there was quite a queue to see Santa, but it really only took about 30 minutes to get to the front of the queue.  The queue wends its way through a winter wonderland of lights, gingerbread houses and elves, with the majority of it inside and warm! There is even a little snack stop in the queue to let you pick up a hot chocolate or cup of tea.   When you reach the front of the queue, you are lead to one of two grottos and get to meet the big man. He was lovely with the children, asking their names and what they would like for Christmas.  Then was time for a photo by the elf on duty.  The best part came next.  Santa exchanged a token we had been given at the entrance for a golden key.  This opened his toy shop!  The shop is huge – and full to the brim with so many different toys which the children can wander through and choose the one they love the most.  The choices ranged from dolls, cuddly toys, vehicles, craft toys, musical instruments and so much more.  It is literally a child’s wonderland.  Quite possibly the best Santa gifts we have ever come across.

Making Husky Dogs

Another part of the price is the chance to build your own husky dog.  Think Build A Bear but done by yourself.  Once again you exchange a voucher but this time for a dog, stuffing and a heart. You can also buy an outfit for your dog – the children chose a superhero costume and a fairy costume.  Thankfully putting the stuffing in the dog is as easy as finding the hole, stuffing it in and zipping it back up. We were all pretty chuffed with the final results!

What Else Is There?

As well as the two big events, you can also:
  • Write and post a letter to Santa.  Santa promises to reply to the letters if it is posted before the 14th December.
  • Skate on the magical skating rink.
  • Watch a 3D Christmas film and see the Nativity.
  • Learn your Elf-a-bet.
  • Take a festive tractor ride complete with christmas singalong.
  • Visit and feed the reindeer.
Not only this but all the regular activities are still in place.  As for food and drink, there are two lovely restaurants that serve pretty good hot food and pick and mix food for reasonable prices. We love Willows Farm and is one of the best places to see Santa in our area we think!  It is quite expensive (it can be up to £29 per child and almost £11 per adult), but when you consider what you get and how long you can stay – we think it’s worth it! We’d love to know where you like to visit Santa over Christmas! Disclaimer: We weren’t asked to review Willows Farm, nor were we sent the tickets, we just love it so much that we think you might too!

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