Useful Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

Every year I find that the last thing I think about when considering Christmas presents are the stockings! Each person in the family, both big and small, get a stocking – but it’s the one area I feel a bit Scrooge about.  Last year, when I totalled up how much each stocking came to, it was nearly £40 each – and the stockings were filled with tat. You know – those bits and pieces that are fun to open but get lost or broken really quickly.  So this year I decided that I only wanted to put useful things in the stocking – things people would actually use.  After a bit of research, here is my useful stocking fillers guide!

Useful Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

This post contains some items sent to me in exchange for inclusion in this gift guide. All opinions are my own and I only recommend products I love.

Are you fed up of buying rubbish for the Christmas Stocking? Don't worry - we've got it sorted. Click through for our useful stocking fillers guide.

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Dobell’s Bow Tie

Useful Stocking Fillers Gift Guide

If you are looking for something useful, and a little bit special, for the man in your life, you can’t go wrong with a bow tie from Dobell’s.  Not only do they come in at a fantastic price (from £4.99), but they also come in a HUGE range of colours (including Christmas themed ones!).  

Even if your man isn’t one to normally wear a bow tie, this delightful stocking filler gift will give them a feeling of style – and I can almost guarantee that they’ll choose to wear it all day! 

Find your (or his) style over at!

Pipity Activity Books

Useful Stocking Filler Gift GuideHave you got a budding artist in your life – or someone who loves crafts? In which case you need to buy these fabulous activity books from Pipity.  Coming in at around £4.99 they are perfect for on the go crafting! Whether in the car, in a restaurant, waiting in the doctors surgery or just in the house, these fab little books are guaranteed to keep your little one entertained for hours.

The activity books come in a range of different styles – from dress up dolls, to thank you cards and on the go games – you are bound to find these are the most useful stocking fillers for kids!

Find the one just right for your little artist over at Pipity.



Useful Stocking Fillers Guide
Really useful stocking fillers that are guaranteed to be used time and time again are always games.  Whotchilli is just the thing you need for any child aged 6 upwards.  Not only is it a fab card game with a Maths focus, but the one pack comes with the rules for 3 games.  Add to this the fact that the wonderful folk over at Plyt are continuously coming up with new games you can play with Whotchilli (and they will send you the rules for free), this is a game that just keeps on giving!

Pop over to Plyt to buy your copy for only £9.99.

Sugru Mouldable Glue

Useful Stocking Fillers
If your family is anything like The Newby Tribe, then this is a must have in someone’s stocking this year! Never a day goes by without one toy or other having a piece broken off, and we have been using glue up until now – which has been a bit hit and miss, particularly when we are trying to fix tiny pieces of Star Wars characters!  This all changed when we discovered Sugru. 

Sugru is basically a mouldable glue!  It feels, and moulds, a bit like playdough, making it easy to form into different shapes and sizes, but after 24 hours it turns into a flexible rubber material – bonding your items together but flexing with the material.  Absolutely perfect for fixing children’s toys, fixing up wires or even fixing a hole in a shoe (because, even more incredibly, Sugru is waterproof as well!)

A brilliant little invention that has already make our lives SO much easier!  Grab yours over at Sugru with a packet of 3 starting from £6.99.

Splat Oral Foams

useful stocking fillers
Toothbrusing! Oh toothbrushing is the bane of many a family life.  BUT – all your family toothbrushing woes are about to fly out of the window with this innovative new product which has literally revolutionised our lives!  Splat Oral Care Foams (and they do one for children as well as one for adults), is the easiest way to ensure that your kids have beautifully clean teeth at any time of the day.

Based on natural ingredients (including liquorice), the foam removes soft dental plaque and contains plant extracts which help keep the gums healthy.  The best thing is that it doesn’t require any water. You just pump, swill, spit and go – so perfect for use after meals and especially sugary snacks, without the stress of yet another toothbrushing incident.   

While the foam doesn’t replace toothbrushing (yep, that battle will continue) it does give us an alternative way to keep the children’s mouths healthy throughout the day.  As an adult, I use the adult foam during the day after meals to keep my mouth healthy and my breathe fresh!

Find your perfect oral care solution over at

Towel Up

useful stocking fillers
When thinking about really useful stocking fillers, you don’t need to look much further than a Towel Up clip. Basically the towel up clip does exactly what it says on the label – it keeps your towel up!  In all honesty I don’t think there are many things more irritating than climbing out of the shower, wrapping a towel around you, starting to dry your hair and the towel starts to slip.  Somehow, you can never get it back where it started!  So using this fab little product will guarantee to keep your towel, and modesty, in place!

Head on over to to find yours for only £3.99 plus p&p.

Kids ID Bracelets

useful stocking fillers
Is there anything more terrifying than losing your child in a busy place? Or allowing your child to go off on their own for the first time?  We teach our children how to keep themselves safe and how to identify a safe adult, but what happens next?  I’ve previously written our telephone number on the children’s hands – but on a hot summers day more often than not, it’s smeared all over their arms with no identifiable digit left!  So when we were told about these great wristbands from Kid-ID, it seemed the perfect answer.

Coming in a range of sizes and colours, you can personalise them in any way you wish.  We have chosen to have one wristband with our telephone number on it, and a second one with a lovely Christmas message on it – so the children can swap them over depending on which one they need at that time!  

Head over to Kid-ID to chose the perfect colour and message for your little one’s stocking from only £2.50.

There you have it – several different ideas for really useful stocking fillers, which don’t cost the earth and are guaranteed to be used again and again!

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