Tears Into Smiles

Turning Tears Into Smiles : The Newby Tribe Way!

Here at the Newby Tribe, we absolutely love getting outside to play! Well…I say WE, what I really mean is Little Sir and Little Miss! When the children first came home (almost 2 years ago now!) it was clear that they hadn’t spent a lot of time outside. They were pretty risk averse and really didn’t have the confidence or resilience to just try new things.  Fear was definitely the name of the game!  Almost two years later and I think we have the most confident, resilient children I’ve ever met who absolutely LOVE getting outside in the mud, climbing trees and generally having a whale of a time.  The Newby Tribe are definitely NOT a risk averse tribe – but it does have it’s down sides – accidents! We’ve definitely had our fair share of accidents over the past two years, but we’ve now learnt how to turn tears into smiles!

Little Sir has a tendency to throw himself into any activity he is taking part in outside.  He loves dressing up as super heroes and doing loads of ‘tricks’.  These mostly involve throwing himself into the air, landing on the ground and declaring ‘I’m OK’ when the landing is a bit hard. He desperately wants to be as strong and tough as a superhero, but even Superman has accidents occasionally which lead to tears!

When the kids first came home we quickly learnt that, especially with Little Sir, the best way to turn tears into smiles is to make him laugh! He has got a brilliant sense of humour, and even through his tears you’ll often find him laughing, especially when his Daddy plays the fool. Paul has a great knack at messing around and doing the silliest things, which are guaranteed to put a smile on the children’s faces.  They are pretty easily distracted, especially if the accident is a graze or a bump, and who could not smile when their Daddy was wearing socks as ear muffs??

But, sometimes that’s just not enough.  Sometimes what is required is a plaster and a magic kiss! We have a pretty hard and fast rule in our house that plasters are used only when there is blood!  This rule was brought about mainly because the children were going through plasters at a rate of knots, even for the tiniest bump, and then we’d find a trail of almost unused plasters heading through the house.  The main problem was that the plasters had such great characters on them. We started with monkeys and butterflies but the kids have definitely grown past these now. So when Elastoplast released Star Wars and Frozen themed plasters, the kids were actually in heaven.  It was almost as though Elastoplast had read their minds!

The best thing about our new Elastoplast plasters is, not only do they do a great job of protecting young skin and helping the skin to heal, but they are almost a badge of honour.  The kids love showing them off and describing the shenanigans they have been getting up to in order to get their plaster!  They’ve certainly helped us turn tears into smiles, and helped the children build their resilience along the way.

I love that Elastoplast are celebrating outdoor play and the freedom that it brings to our children.  Especially in this day and age of screens and safety, it’s so important to us that our children experience at least some of the freedom and fun we had as kids, running and jumping and playing outside!


This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast. https://campaigns.elastoplast.net/plastermoments/uk


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