The Wilbies Go To The Moon : Book Review

Books! We love books! Before the children came home, we ordered every book we could lay our hands on that would be suitable for a 3 and 5 year old – and 3 years later our house is bursting with books! But – that absolutely never stops me acquiring more! So when we were contacted by Rebecca Bourne who has just self published her first children’s book The Wilbies Go To The Moon, we were super excited to read it.

Rebecca drew her inspiration for her first book from her two gorgeous dachshunds, Winnie and Minnie Winnie, who take their friend, a little boy named Wilbur, on a great adventure into Outer Space.  The story is written in rhyme, which we love reading, and the children were captivated from the very first page. 

The Wilbies is a lovely self published book for 2-7 year olds full of beautiful illustrations and fabulous rhymes!

Not only is the rhyming inspired, but Rebecca has introduced some high level vocabulary into the story, which appeals to me greatly as a teacher.  Little Miss is reading at a slightly younger age range than her actual age, but I feel it’s hugely important to expose her to age appropriate vocab, which The Wilbies Go To The Moon does really well.  We chatted about the meaning of ‘aviation’ and ‘salvation’ amongst others, and Little Sir loved trying out the new words!

Aside from the actual story, which appealed to the children greatly because it is a topic they are both keen on (and have both studied in school), the illustrations in The Wilbies Go To The Moon are utterly beautiful.  I truly believe that pictures for early primary aged children need to tell the story without the words, and these ones really do this as a job.  Little Sir is pretty close to being able to read independently but not quite there yet, but he was very happy to retell me the story of The Wilbies the next night through using the illustrations!  Now that is the sign of a fab book! 

If you love books as much as we do, and you have a book worm in your family, definitely go and have a look at Rebecca’s website where you can find out more about her , and if you purchase The Wilbies Go To The Moon from her website, she will happily send you a signed copy!

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