Got a fussy man in your life? Wondering what to buy him? Click through our Fussy Men's Gift Guide.

The Fussy Men’s Gift Guide

We all have one in our lives.  Someone who pretty much has everything that they want or need. So when it comes to Christmas (or birthdays), it feels like an impossible task to find something that they might be pleased to open!  Not to worry – I’ve got you sorted!  From a cafetiere to keep him topped up with coffee, through a shaving subscription guide, and even something for the outdoor guy – here is The Newby Tribe’s Fussy Men’s gift guide!

The Fussy Men’s Gift Guide

This post contains both items sent to me in exchange for inclusion in this gift guide, as well as Amazon affiliate and other affiliate links.  If you click on a link to purchase the product, it won’t cost you a penny, but keeps me in tea and biscuits – which I’m always very grateful for!  All opinions are my own and I only recommend products I love.

Got a fussy man in your life? Wondering what to buy him? Click through our Fussy Men's Gift Guide.

VonShef 8 Cup Cafetiere

Fussy Men's Christmas Gift Guide

When it comes to fussy men, the biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that they only like the best – so this VonShef 8 cup cafetiere would be the perfect gift for them.

In a brushed stainless steel, it’s guaranteed to add a certain elegance to their kitchen.  The absolutely perfect gift for them to make their freshly ground coffee each morning.  It even comes with it’s own stainless steel spoon!

This VonShef 8 cup cafetiere with spoon can be purchased for around £18.99.



Sheaffer Star Wars Collection

Fussy Men's Christmas Gift Guide

No matter how old the fussy man in your life is, there’s almost a guarantee that at some point or other they were (or still are) big Star Wars fans.  With the new Star Wars film coming out in a December 17, these great Star Wars themed pens from Sheaffer could be the way to go. 

Not only do they epitomise fun, but Sheaffer is well known for being a classic brand, so the fussy man in your life can feel he is down with the times as well as still maintaining his high standards!  The pens are themed as R2-D2, Yoda or Darth Vader and come in both ball point and fountain pen styles!

You can purchase any of these pens for around £16.00 each from


Barbour Card Wallet

Fussy Men's Christmas Gift Guide
Barbour is a name which epitomises luxury and class, so a Barbour card wallet fits perfectly into a Fussy Men’s Gift Guide.  Packaged in a Barbour gift box, this card wallet is a beautiful brown leather and would fit nicely into both a trouser pocket or a jacket pocket – making it a great gift for a fussy man!

You can purchase a Barbour card wallet over at Mainline Menswear for around £33.00.


Cornerstone Shaving Subscription

fussy men's gift guide
If you are looking for a gift which will keep on giving, it’s definitely worth looking into getting a Cornerstone subscription!  Cornerstone are a subscription based service which sends high quality shaving products by post including razor blades, shaving gel and face wash.  The products are all Cornerstone branded and their after sales care is second to none!

The subscription is based on how often your intended recipient shaves, but this can be altered so the box can arrive more or less often if needed. The best thing is that there is no tie in, and you keep going until you decide you want it to end!

Take a look at Cornerstone for their products and to put the perfect box together for your fussy man!



Saddle Pouch Bicycle First Aid Kit


Fussy Men's Gift Guide

If you have a fussy man in your life who lives for the outdoors then you can’t go much wrong with this fantastic Saddle Pouch Bicycle First Aid kit from SJ Works.

Lightweight and designed to do on the bike, this kit contains everything you could want (and more) from a first aid kit.  As well as the normal items such as plasters, bandages and tape, it also includes an emergency blanket, antiseptic towelettes and an First Aid Guide by the Red Cross.  So no matter what circumstance they find themselves in, there is bound to be something in this great little pack which will keep them going until help can come!

SJ Works not only do the saddle pouch kit but they also do a Smartphone solution too which includes a watertight case with a transparent window so you can see and use your smartphone whilst out and about!  Both of these can be bought from Amazon for between £36 – £40.

So there you have it – four great ideas for the fussy men in your life.

Got a fussy man in your life? Wondering what to buy him? Click through our Fussy Men's Gift Guide.

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