Stuck by Oliver Jeffers - a fabulous picture book guaranteed to make your little ones giggle!

Stuck By Oliver Jeffers : A Book Review

Day 14 of Blogtober and today we are talking all about novels! We love books in our house! Ever since I was tiny I would be found with my nose in a book – and we wanted to pass on our love of all things written to Little Miss and Little Sir.  When they first came home, they didn’t have any favourite books they could tell us about, and it was obvious that books hadn’t played a large part in their upbringing so far.  

What a difference a year can make! 365 days later, both of them adore reading! Little Sir will often come to me in the middle of the day with a book (normally Star Wars or Octonauts related at the moment), snuggle in and enjoy a half an hour book read.  Little Miss is learning to read on her own and it’s just wonderful to hear her working her way through one of her books, feeling so proud that she can now do it!  But the best part of reading is, and I hope will always be, bedtime books.  I am always on the look out for new picture books which I hope they will love, so when we were given Stuck by Oliver Jeffers as a birthday present, I couldn’t wait to read it to the children.

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers - a fabulous picture book guaranteed to make your little ones giggle!

Stuck* tells the story of Floyd, a young boy, who gets his favourite red kite stuck in a tree by accident. Being an enterprising young man, Floyd tries to think of ways to get his kite back down, and hits upon the idea of throwing other items up into the tree to knock it back to the ground.  However, the flaw in his plan becomes increasingly obvious when everything he throws up becomes STUCK!

The genuis of this story is to do with the things Floyd decides to throw up the tree. Both Little Miss and Little Sir are great at guessing what will happen next, and the fact that the logical endings didn’t happen appealed to them greatly.

This is the first book we have read where both of the children laughed out loud and completely understood the concept and the humour.  We absolutely adored reading Stuck* and it has very quickly become a family favourite – even Paul enjoys listening to it when he comes home from work at story time.  A hit all round!

As full disclosure, we weren’t given this book to review, we just think it’s a fantastic book that everyone should be reading!

I’d love to know what your favourite picture book to read to your children is – we’d love to check it out! Let me know in the comments below! 

*This is my affiliate link. If you decide to purchase the book via the link then I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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