Slap Ninja! Are you a Student or a Master? (#Ad)

#Ad. We were gifted this game in exchange for an honest review. We only ever review items we love and all our opinions are our own.

We are big, and I mean HUGE, Ninja fans in The Newby Tribe. Alex is determined that he is going to be a ninja when he grows up (alongside the important job of being a superhero of course). So when we had the opportunity to review the new Slap Ninja game from JAKKS toys, we couldn’t wait to open it!

We had a quick watch of the JAKKS Pacific advert first so we knew what we were expecting to do (the children always prefer to watch rather than read at their age!) And it certainly got everyone excited to get stuck in!

As soon as Alex had the box opened, he was absolutely desperate to play. We love to play the slap game when we are out and about waiting for dinner in a restaurant or just keeping the kids entertained when they are bored, so having an actual game where they could play the same game was hugely appealing. What was hugely appealing for me was the ease to open the game and the lack of difficult instructions. Within 2 minutes of opening, we were already playing! Now that’s the type of game I like!

The premise of Slap Ninja is super simple. A game for two players – one player is the student and one the master. Quite simply, the student needs to press the red button three times without being slapped by the master. If he manages it then the master gets a shock through the game controller, otherwise the student gets the shock! Obviously, Alex had to wait until his Daddy came home to really get stuck in – mainly because he was desperate to beat him!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much competitiveness from both Paul and Alex. They were determined to beat the other which led to a huge amount of laughter and joy. One of the best parts of Slap Ninja for me was the quickness of each game and the happiness that each player took from changing from student to master. It’s rare that games don’t make someone feel as though they have lost – but this is one of those games!

I have to say though that, even though Alex absolutely LOVED Slap Ninja, and it’s quickly become his favourite go to game – from the look on Paul’s face, I think he might have loved it just a little bit more!

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