Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure : Roarring Back Open!

Disclosure: Ad – We were gifted tickets to Roarr! in exchange for an honest review.  We only ever review places and items that we truly are interested in and will only ever give a true, honest opinion of our experience.


A few years ago we had the pleasure of being invited to Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure to try out their Easter activities, and the children had a wonderful time.  So when they got in touch with us again to find out if we’d like to revisit to discover their newest ride as well as to find out how they are keeping guests and staff safe from Covid19, we jumped at the chance.


Roarr! is one of the first places we have visited as a family since lockdown, so we were eager to see what precautions had been put in place, and we weren’t disappointed!  Firstly you had to book a half an hour slot in which to arrive, to ensure that visitor numbers were kept down.  As we were visiting from two hours away, we decided to plump for 11am, and hope that it wasn’t too busy.  As it turns out, there was nothing to worry about!  There was a steady trickle of people arriving with us, but we didn’t have to queue to get in, and were through the entrance in 2 minutes flat.


Aside from this, Roarr! has put plenty of hand sanitisers around the park, starting at the entrance, so you’re never far away from one.  The reduction in numbers meant that we were also able to get around the whole park really easily, and the children could play on all the equipment without being held up by crowds.  It also meant, as the children are a little older now, we could give them more free reign that normal to run and play as we could pretty much keep our eye on them all the time.



I was a little worried that the children were perhaps a little too old for dinosaurs now….how mistaken was I!  They loved going on the dinosaur hunt and reading up a little more about their favourite dinosaurs. It turns out that they were all still fascinated by the animatronic dinosaurs at the entrance and Alex was in his element telling us all the facts he already knew.



One of the best things about the park being quieter than on a normal Summer holiday day, was the the children could pick and choose what to go on, and we didn’t have to wait long for anything to be free.  They loved the bigger go karts and raced each other round the track a few times, before we took on the challenge of Crazy Golf.



Even in this much smaller area of the park, there were clear signs as to how to keep your distance from people, and all the groups were really good at waiting for each other to move to the next hole before moving on.  One thing I did learn from 2 years ago – no matter how old the children get, they still can’t hit the ball into the hole!!!



A couple of the attractions had been closed down to ensure safety of staff and guests – one of them being the large dinosaur you climb into before sliding out of it’s mouth.  But really there are so many different areas in the park that the few that had been closed really didn’t affect our enjoyment at all.




One of the areas that we made a decision not to go on was the High Ropes. This wasn’t due to safety fears – this was due to height fears from the boys! Estelle would have absolutely loved to go back on them, and there was pretty much no queue all day – but the boys really didn’t want to so we abandoned that idea and had lunch instead!  We did notice that the zip line had been removed to keep the equipment Covid safe – but it still looked like a fabulous experience.



The newest attraction at the park was Dippy’s Raceway, where the children can ride in little cars around a racetrack.  This was pretty much the only attraction that we had to queue for – mainly because there were only about 6 cars each go and the ride was a good few minutes long.  But really the wait was only about 15 minutes long, and absolutely worth it.  All three children highly enjoyed their ride and would have gone on again except we had booked into the splash park!




We were really pleased to see that the Splash Park was open, as when we visited a few years ago, it had been far too cold for the children to use it.  This time around, you needed to book a slot when you arrived (we booked a 2pm slot) and each slot lasted for about 20 minutes.  The changing rooms were not in use, so you needed to get the children changed elsewhere, but it was absolutely worth it.  We were so lucky to have gone on a hot day, and the children absolutely loved the large bucket of water that filled up every few minutes before dumping water all over them.  That was definitely the highlight!



Before we left, we discovered the Assault-O-Sarus which we had missed last time. There were clear signs as to where to start and how to keep your distance, and all three children enjoyed racing each other to the end.



All in all, we had a wonderful day out at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure.  Every minute we were there felt really safe, with lots of social distancing going on, plenty of hand sanitiser and loads of prehistoric fun to be had!


To book tickets, do pop over to the Roarr! website where you can find out more about ticket prices, times and dates and how to get there!


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