5 packets of vegetarian haribo sweets around a light blue plastic plate with various haribo sweets on it.

Reviewing Haribo’s Vegetarian Range

Although we have been meat eaters for a long time in the Newby household, it transpires that recently Alex (7) has decided that he’s actually not all that keen on eating meat. Part of this is because he really doesn’t like the taste, and part of it is that he is becoming more aware of what being a meat eater entails – and he’s not that keen! I’m always happy to support the children in their decisions, so we have mostly moved to a vegetarian lifestyle, which is actually doing wonders for my energy levels, and Alex is really embracing the idea. So when we were asked whether we would like to review some of Haribo’s vegetarian range, Alex was really excited.

A blue plate containing a range of Haribo's Vegetarian Range of sweets.

If you don’t know (and I’ll be honest, I really didn’t!), a lot of jelly type sweets contain gelatin, which is made from animals – so obviously something to avoid if you are embracing the vegetarian lifestyle. We had previously tasted vegetarian jelly sweets before and always found them a little, well, odd – so we were looking forward to doing a taste test with the new Haribo vegetarian range.

5 packets of vegetarian haribo sweets around a light blue plastic plate with various haribo sweets on it.

I have to say that we were really pleasantly surprised! We tried the Funny Mix which contains real fruit juice and tasted very fresh; the Jelly Beans which came in various delicious flavours including candy floss and popcorn; the Rainbow Stripes which were really zingy; the Giant and Mini Giant Strawberries – both of which were really strawberry in flavour and lovely and firm to chew and the Spaghetti Zing which was tingly on the tongue. Not one had an odd taste – in fact I would have struggled to tell them apart from the haribo sweets which contained gelatin!

A 7 year old boy in a red top, eating a strawberry from Haribo's vegetarian range.

I asked the children which their favourite were and they both really struggled to come up with an answer. Alex loved the Giant strawberries and the Rainbow Stripes and Estelle would have eaten the whole share packet of Funny Mix given half a chance. Me? Well, obviously I had to try them all, and the Jelly Beans were the absolute winner!

We were so impressed by Haribo’s vegetarian range, and I’m pleased as a mum that I’m able to find sweets that Alex will happily eat without the gelatin in them – seems like a win win if you ask me! If you’d like to buy some yourself then head over to www.haribo.com and filter to the vegetarian range.

Disclosure: We were sent the packets of Haribo in return for an honest review. We only recommend products that we love ourselves and all our opinions are our own.

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