Online Shopping And How It Changed My Life!

Yep – I get that the title of this post is, let’s say, rather dramatic! How on earth can online shopping change someone’s life? Oh, except for perhaps causing them to spend too much money? Well, basically, I hate shopping! Scrap that – I hated shopping until I really embraced online shops. Going into a high street store, which is bound to be hot and busy, is my idea of a total nightmare. And the changing rooms?? Seriously – I’m surprised anyone buys anything when they have to try them on in tiny cubicles with at least 3 different mirrors highlighting all of the flaws. It’s dreadful and ultimately it meant that, in about 20 years, I’ve really not bought a huge amount of clothes.  However, I came to a realisation this summer that it was about time that I bite the bullet and actually took control of my phobia of shopping.  In came online shopping!

OK, I’m very aware that online shopping has been around for years and I regularly shop online for gifts, shoes, food – pretty much everything – except for clothes.  So, when I needed (and I really do mean NEEDED!!) new clothes, I made the decision that, if I had to try on loads of different clothes, then trying them on in my house had to be the best decision I could make.  Taking the advice of friends and family, I started to research different websites starting with the regular high street ones.  However it wasn’t long until I realise that with a little bit of knowledge, I could stretch my budget so much further by finding great websites offering deals or offers. And my love of online shopping was born!

Recently we have booked our first holiday as a family – we are heading off for a 5 day cruise!  I literally can’t wait – but after looking at the dress code on board, I quickly realised that I didn’t have the right type of clothes for the formal evenings.  So out came the laptop and, within half an hour I have found the perfect Ted Baker dress!

I really needed something that wasn’t too casual but would take me into the evening, and this beautiful Ted Baker dress from Love The Sales absolutely fits the bill!  But obviously I needed shoes to go with it, so with a bit of searching I found these beautiful Ted Baker shoes which will complement it perfectly!

I’m so pleased that I have decided to embrace online shopping, and even more pleased to have found great websites which allow me to find the best offers and deals.  After all, bagging a bargain is always great fun isn’t it!

Disclosure: This post comes via Love The Sales

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  1. August 3, 2017 / 11:16 am

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