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National Craft And Design Centre Visit

Living in a new county has been eye opening for us.  For all of my life I have lived in the Home Counties, and really knew the area so well. We’d been pretty much everywhere and explored everything – nothing was new.  But when we moved up to Lincolnshire, suddenly there are exciting adventures everywhere!  We’ve been here for 6 months so far, but most of that time has either been Winter, or trying to get life itself organised.  However, now the Summer holidays are finally here, our aim this summer is to get out and explore everything that Lincolnshire has to offer! So, in the first week of our holidays we decided to pay a visit to the National Craft And Design Centre, based right here in Sleaford.  I’d read online that they were doing craft Tuesdays throughout the holiday, so it seemed a perfect chance to go along and see what it’s all about!

The National Craft And Design Centre is an arts centre right in the heart of Sleaford. It is the largest venue in England purely dedicated to the exhibition and celebration of national and international craft and design. Over 5 galleries, the centre showcases exhibitions all year round, and at the moment one of the galleries is showcasing designs inspired by the phrase ‘The World Is Your Dressing Up Box’. Not only that, but they are also running Family Workshops for free every Tuesday from 10am – 2pm based around the same theme. So of course, we had to go along and try our hand at some arts!  First up? Hat making!

National Craft And Design Centre
We had a walk around the gallery and looked at all the fabulous creations which designers had made – from shoes that looked like they had just walked out of a bathroom, to hats remiscent of peacocks – it was very inspiring and great fun. The children each had their favourite, and then headed to the craft tables to have a go at making their own designs.

Being very honest, I am not really one for doing a huge amount of making with the children at home. I’d love to be that type of parent, but I really don’t have very much creative juice in me. So to give them a chance to work alongside creative artists was a real treat.  We’d arrived at lunchtime, which turns out was the quietest time of the day, so the children had the adults to themselves and really got stuck in. I was genuinely impressed by the care, attention and encouragement all of the staff gave to the children, really helping them to look deeper into their creations and take them further.  It paid off brilliantly!

Little Sir decided he would try to use peacock feathers to make his hat, and Little Miss was all about the feathers but really wanted to use a hairband to make it look a little different. I was really impressed by their final creations – they really put time and thought into the design and colours and kept going even when it got a little tough. 

We had such a fantastic morning out at the National Craft And Design Centre. We’ll definitely be visiting again next Tuesday when we will be designing our own shoes!  Just can’t wait.

I’d love to know what little gems you have near you – let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to our visit list! 

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