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Monster Jam is Coming To Coventry!

Disclosure: We have been gifted tickets to Monster Jam in Coventry in return for a review. We only ever review products that we believe in and will always give our own honest review, based on our experience.

Alex (nearly 7 years old) is a HUGE fan of monster trucks. We seem to have monster truck toys coming out of our ears at the moment. It’s been quite a recent development and I’m actually very thankful that we’ve moved on from his previous obsession, lego dinosaurs! (At least with Monster Trucks I’m not going to have sore feet every time I step on them!) So when we were told that there would be a Monster Truck show taking place in Coventry just before his birthday, called Monster Jam, he nearly hit the roof with excitement.

Monster Jam

In case you have no idea what all the excitement is about, Monster Jam is basically 12,000 pound trucks which are handled by world class athletes making them do donuts, wheelies, cross ups and, most excitingly for a monster truck fan, big air stunts.

Monster Jam Facts

Monster Jam trucks are 12 foot tall and 10 foot wide! That is one BIG truck! Not only that but the tyres alone are 66 inches tall which is taller than me at 5 foot 4!

The trucks create 1,500 to 2,000 horsepower and reach up to 70 miles an hour! A typical family car has horsepower of around 190! They are powerful trucks.

Most amazingly for both me and Alex, the Monster Jam trucks can fly up to 125 to 130 foot and up to 35 foot in the air.

It’s the very first time that Monster Jam has come to Coventry and it promises to be an adrenaline fuelled entertainment show for the whole family. We absolutely can’t wait to go and we’ll be sharing the whole day over on our Instagram Stories!

But if you’d like to experience the power and excitement of Monster Jam for yourself, they’ll be roaring into Ricoh Arena, Coventry on June 8th. Pop over to the Monster Jam Website to buy your tickets – and we hope to see you there!

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