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Mila and Pheebs : A Stationery Subscription Box

As regular readers will know, this year we have decided that Little Miss will be homeschooled in order to bring her learning up to closer to her peers.  It’s been a great year so far, but I knew that we were missing out somewhere on the fun and excitement that I had wanted to bring to her learning.  So when we were lucky enough to be selected as Brand Ambassadors for the lovely Mila and Pheebs, I knew that we had found what was missing!

Mila and Pheebs is a lovely company who send out boxes of gorgeous crafty and stationery goodies which fit through your letterbox.  The best thing is, you can order them as a one off or as a subscription – and who doesn’t love getting little treats through the mail?!  Little Miss was beyond excited when I told her about the Mila and Pheebs boxes, and we spent the few weeks before we received our box looking at their website and picking out our favourite items.  As we’ve never had a subscription box before, I had literally no idea what to expect, so when it arrived (addressed to Little Miss of course!) I was as excited as she was and couldn’t wait to get it open.  We were not disappointed at all – it was like opening a little Aladdin’s Cave, which just kept giving!

Mila and Pheebs

Each month the boxes have a different theme, and this month was ‘the fun at the farm box’. Every little item had a link to the farmyard which was such a lovely idea.  We were so excited to discover rubbers, crayons, stickers, word searches, paperclips, a pencil and rubber, blank cards and envelopes, and a fabulous kit to make our own pig hand puppet!

Mila and Pheebs

As soon as we had the box open, Little Miss wanted to make her pig puppet.  We’ve had a go in the past at doing so sewing which has always been a little tricky, but this was just perfect for tiny hands.  There were pre punched holes in the two sides of the pig, and a thick chunky plastic needle and thick wool, which made it perfect for Little Miss who is still working on her fine motor skills.  I was delighted that she sat down and spent a really long time properly concentrating and not getting upset when the wool got a little tangled!

Mila and Pheebs

The end result was utterly fabulous.  Not only did we have the two sides of the pig, but the pack also came with stick on eyes, nose, ears and hooves as well as the mud patches.  These were a great success because the pig actually looks like a pig – just genius!

Mila and Pheebs

Aside from the pig puppet, this little cow eraser was another firm favourite from the minute he appeared.  Not only is he the perfect size to be carried around by small hands, but his head moves from side to side, so he’s definitely more than just a rubber.  In fact I’m not sure that Little Miss is ever going to use him to rub anything out!

Mila and PheebsAnother reason I was delighted to be chosen as Brand Ambassador for Mila and Pheebs, was that I knew we would be able to use their lovely stationery in our learning.  We try to be as creative as possible, so knowing we have two birthdays coming up, Little Miss designed and decorated the two cards – one for a boy and one for a girl, then chose her sentence and wrote inside – real life learning made so much fun!  We also really enjoyed getting to grips with the word search which was included.  It was great for Little Miss to concentrate on the spellings of words, and for her to use problem solving skills to work out that some of the words were not only backwards but diagonal!  The sense of achievement she got from working this out was incredible!

We were so delighted with our box from Mila and Pheebs – Little Miss loved that it was addressed to her and I love the fact it is enhancing our everyday learning experiences, and turning learning from something quite dull, into something which is exciting and full of fun!

I am so pleased to be able to offer readers of The Newby Tribe, a discount for a Mila and Pheebs subscription box.  Just pop ‘thenewbytribe’ into the coupon code at the checkout for a 10% discount off any subscription by the 31st March!  There are lots of choices for subscriptions, from a one off box for £10 + £2.99 UK delivery, to a 3 or 6 month subscription (£30 or £60 + a one time £2.99 delivery) to a rolling sibling subscription (£14.99 + £2.99 delivery), so there is something to suit everyone!

Disclosure: I was sent the Mila and Pheebs stationery box in return for an honest review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.


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      It really was fab Ali. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to sew and my daughter felt a real sense of achievement which is exactly what I wanted for her!

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