Inflata Nation : A Review (#Ad)

#AD We were gifted tickets in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own and we only recommend places and things that we love.

Regular readers of The Newby Tribe will probably know that June and July are busy months here as both children have birthdays. This July sees Alex turning 7 and having a traditional birthday party (jelly and ice-cream anyone?), so he was easy to sort out. However, with Estelle turning 9, things were getting a little trickier. She didn’t want a big party (far too childish of course) and she wanted something a little different. So we suggested cinema, meals out, all the regular stuff, but in reality none of these cut the mustard. You see although she is 9 she is a very sensory little girl, and really needs to move! She absolutely LOVES the biggest rides at the theme parks, so we needed something like that, but NOT that expensive (especially as she wanted to take a friend!). So when we discovered that there was an Inflata Nation quite near us up in Beverly, we knew we had to go and pay it a visit for her birthday.

What Is Inflata Nation then?

So Inflata Nation bills itself as inflatable theme parks – and they aren’t wrong! We were delighted to be gifted tickets to the Beverley park to check it out and see what it was all about – and we were blown away by it. So essentially, an Inflata Nation is one HUGE bouncy castle style set up, but chock a block full of fun inflatables within it.

Huge inflatable slides ending up in a ball pit!

We discovered everything from an obstacle course which two people compete to see who comes out in the ball pit first, through to huge slides that also end in a ball pit! A ‘ring the bell’ obstacle which involved running up huge inflatable slides to a bell at the top, and a gladiator style arena where you could don helmets and whack each other with inflatables to see who could last the longest.

The gladiator style arena!
Ring the bell slides!
Even inflatable basket ball!

There was everything you could wish for in inflatables, and it was large enough for everyone to have a go and never have to queue. Of course, Inflata Nation are also really good in that only a specific number of people are allowed each session which means everyone has fun and it’s not too crowded.

What Are The Facilities Like?

We weren’t sure when we turned up what we might need to do to store our shoes etc, or to get drinks, but it was all in hand. Checking in was super easy, just filling out a waiver for each person, and then you were away to wait for the initial briefing. There were lockers to store your shoes and valuables in (believe me, you don’t want to be taking ANYTHING into the arena that might fall out of pockets!) for a small fee, plenty of tables and chairs and a small cafe that served great slushies and what looked like some lovely food. There were even changing rooms if you wanted to change into something more suitable for bouncing when you got there!

What Were Our Thoughts?

To be perfectly honest, Paul and I managed all of 17 minutes out of the hour of bouncing before we had to give in and accept that maybe, just maybe, we are a little too unfit to go for a whole hour. But it did make us feel better that the children came out several times to get drinks and catch their breath. It was quite possibly the most fun we’ve all had together at a day out in a very long time! Inflata Nation is geared up for families to bounce together and the kids loved watching us trying to keep our balance whilst they were zooming about.

All in all it met all of our requirements. A great day out with lots of movement, lots and lots of laughter and the opportunity for us all to get stuck in together somewhere a little different. I couldn’t recommend Inflata Nation theme parks more highly!

If you’d like to go and visit an Inflata Nation theme park then pop over to their website for lots more information. They’ve got theme parks in Beverley, Manchester, Cheshire, Birmingham, Glasgow and Newcastle currently.

Disclosure: We were sent 5 tickets for one hour session at the Beverley Inflata Nation in exchange for a review. We only ever review items that we will love and know you will love, and we always give a fully honest review. All the opinions in this review are our own.

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