Gardeco Swedish Torch Review

As regular readers of The Newby Tribe will know, a few weeks ago now we moved into our very first bought home and have been having a lovely summer spending time doing it up, painting, cleaning and generally sorting things out.  The one area that we were most excited about sorting and spending time in was the garden. We’d had gardens before when we were renting, but knowing this was our own space to do what we wanted has been a real thrill.  Not only that, but we were also excited to be able to spend lovely long summer evenings in our own town garden, hearing the sound of the traffic in the distance, but feeling all snug and safe in our own little patch of heaven.  The one thing we hadn’t thought about was that, as lovely as summer days are, the evenings are becoming a little nippy and getting dark earlier – so when we were asked if we would like to review the Gardeco Swedish Birch Torch to light up our evenings, we were really excited!


I’d never heard of a Gardeco Swedish Birch Torch before, and was expecting something more palm sized, so image my delight (and the hilarious confusion of the delivery guy) when he turned up with what looks exactly like a huge log!  Paul was on it as soon as it came in the house, reading up as to what on earth a Swedish Torch is, how to use it, and how long it would burn for!



So, basically, the Gardeco Swedish Birch Torch is a large log which has a firelighter buried deep inside it, so when the log is lit it burns from the inside out and it doesn’t break up the log! Smart stuff eh!! Paul was keen to get the torch going and we realised pretty quickly that our tiny matches just weren’t going to cut it – so he decided to use the electric lighter which was much easier to get into the centre of the torch!



We set up the chairs around the torch so we could bring the children out to enjoy watching the flame dance in the summer dusk, and got ready for it to burn.



The Swedish Torch is such a  lovely concept.  We really loved the fact that it is fully recyclable, and felt as though we were going back to the stage of having our very own campfire.  The kids loved having the torch in the circle between us and we spent a good half an hour just sitting and chatting around the torch, watching the flames dance and feeling a lot more back to nature than we do normally!


We did have some initial problems lighting the torch but we have spoken to the supplier who confirms that this isn’t a known fault and they haven’t had any similar problems.  They did suggest that perhaps the torch got damp at some point, which would make sense as it was transported from our old house to our new one and spent some time in the garage before we were able to light it.  But aside from that, we really loved the concept.  It would be really great to take the Gardeco Swedish Birch Torch on a camping trip or just light it in the Autumn evenings in a garden.  It added such a lovely warm glow to the evening and we were all reluctant to let the evening end!


The torch comes in a small or a large with the small torch burning for around 1 hour and the larger one burning for around 2.5 hours.


Disclosure: I received the Gardeco Swedish Torch from ( for my review but as always, all opinions, images and words are my very own.

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