Find My Name In The Alphabet Train : A Personalised Children’s Book

As regular readers will know, we are all about the books here at The Newby Tribe.  One of the biggest things that upset me when the children came home was the lack of exposure they had been given to books of any type. They didn’t know any nursery rhymes, didn’t have a favourite book or character, and hadn’t been read any bedtime stories.  To say it broke my heart is an understatement. So from the moment they came home, we made sure to introduce them to as many different books and stories as we possibly could – and almost 3 years later we are doing the same! 

One of the quickest ways we discovered to encourage both children to read was through stories that mimicked their lives. Either stories which they could relate to because they were about everyday situations they knew well, or stories which included themselves as characters! Both children absolutely adore reading books about themselves (actually I would too!) so when we were asked if we’d like to review a new personalised children’s book which was also based around the use of phonics, we jumped at the chance!

Find My Name In The Alphabet Train : A Personalised Children’s Book

Written by Dr Niamh, Find My Name In The Alphabet Train is a beautifully written, incredibly imaginative story which encourages the use of phonics and leads your child through to finding their own name.  Each books is personalised for your child with the character in the book looking as much like them as possible, even down to your choice of hair colour, meaning that your child will engage with the character from page 1!

Find My Name In The Alphabet Train
The story follows your child as they start to explore the alphabet train, looking for the letters for their name.  Each double page contains a letter of the alphabet, an animal relating to that letter, and plenty of words beginning with the same sound, reinforcing each letter to the child as they read.  

Find My Name In The Alphabet Train
Find My Name In The Alphabet Train
As a parent, and as a teacher, I know that some of the best books for children are the ones which have a rhyme or repetition.  Children love to join in with stories, and ones which contain repetition are ones they quickly pick up on and can repeat with you when you are reading. Not only this, but repetitive words and pointing to each word as you read with your child, helps them to begin to read words on the page and to equate what you are saying with the words on the page – the first steps to reading!   Find My Name In The Alphabet Train does exactly this! 

Find My Name In The Alphabet Train
The end of the story is delightful as your child finds their name being pulled on a carriage by the alphabet train!  

I absolutely adored the book!  The illustrations are bright, cheerful and engaging, and the font used is perfect for little fingers to follow underneath and easy to read.   The other reason that the book appealed to me so much, unlike other personalised books, is that it encourages children to hear the sounds in the alphabet and think about the sounds in their names rather than just being the sounds of their name in the story!  This would have been brilliant for both of my children when they were initially struggling to hear the sounds in their names – it would have reinforced what we were teaching them in a beautiful, engaging way!

Find Your Name In The Alphabet Train is on sale over on Dr Niamh’s website

Disclosure: We were sent Find Your Name In The Alphabet Train in exchange for an honest review.  The Newby Tribe only recommends products that they love, and all opinions are our own.

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