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EasyRead TwinTime Teaching Resource Review

In teaching there are always a few areas that come up again and again that make me sigh.  Fractions is one and teaching time is the other.  They are both areas which seem to be really simple when you first consider them, but when you really delve into the knowledge that the children need to acquire they are actually incredibly complicated!  With time, the children need to be able to understand seconds, minutes and hours; they need to be able to count in 5’s, understand ‘minutes to’ and ‘minutes after’ and then they need to understand the 12 and 24 hour clock.  It’s a minefield! I’m always therefore on the look out for resources which will make this easier – and so when I was asked to review the EasyRead TwinTime teaching resource I was intrigued to see what it would offer that I hadn’t used before!

EasyRead TwinTime Teaching Resource


The resource contains one teacher version of the clock and one student version both of which are double sided.  One side is a resource to teach the 12 and 24 hour clock, and on the other side is a resource to teach ‘minutes past’ and ‘minutes to’.  This seems like a great idea to split it into two different areas – it makes it easier to differentiate for children who are moving slower or quicker when learning to tell the time, and saves on a lot of confusion when too much is displayed on one clock face!


EasyRead TwinTime Teaching Resource


However what I particularly loved was the section at the bottom of each clock which not only gives instructions to the children, but also has a great space for them to write their answer.  This makes the resource so much more flexible in my opinion.  I would be tempted to use it 1:1 with a child who is struggling with telling the time and needs an intervention before the next lesson, but I would also have the larger teacher clock up as an interactive display with a whiteboard pen attached.  The children could even challenge their friends to tell the correct time each day which would add to the fun!


My 6 year old son is just learning to tell the time and is absolutely fascinated with clocks, so I gave him the pupil clock and we had a go at telling the time together to see how he got on.  I was so impressed with how quickly he picked it up when he as able to read the instructions and follow them through. He really quickly moved on from just telling time on the hour, to being able to read minutes to and minutes after, which has been tricky for him!

EasyRead TwinTime


As a teaching resource in your classroom, I can see this product being used many time and frequently – all children love to be able to tell the time!  I’d be tempted to put important times on it each day, and challenge the children to tell me what time it is, and then to be able to spot it when the classroom clock reads the same! What a great way to get all the children engaged in telling the time!


The EasyRead TwinTime Teacher Edition is only £14.95 from EasyRead Time Teacher with the Student Edition coming in at £5.95


Disclosure: We were sent the EasyRead TwinTime to review in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions and photographs are our own. 

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