Rosie Revere, Engineer

Rosie Revere, Engineer: A Book Review

We have recently had birthdays for both Little Miss and Little Sir, and we were delighted to be given Rosie Revere, Engineer as a present for Little Miss for her birthday. The children love new books (almost as much as me!) and so it was obviously a good choice as a present, and we then had to read it for bedtime that night.  It has definitely turned into one of our favourite stories, and the children have asked for it several times over the past few weeks, which is always a good sign.


Rosie Revere, Engineer


The book tells the story of a little girl named Rosie Revere, who, since she was very small, has loved tinkering and building inventions in her bedroom.  We learn that when she was small she was a confident little girl, but after one sad occasion when a relative laughed at her invention, Rosie hid her desire to be an engineer and became quiet and withdrawn.  Until, that is, her Great Aunt Rose appears in her life, and Rosie learns the meaning of resilience and trying again.


The children love the book because it is told in rhyme which is always a winner. It does have an American feel to it (I really struggle to rhyme ‘aunt’ with ‘path’!) and some words need unpicking for them (Grade 2, trash etc) but I see that as developing their language further.  I love the book for the moral it tells.  It encourages children to have a go at the things they want to do, and that failure only happens if you quit, not if something doesn’t quite go to plan.  This is a great moral for both Little Miss and Little Sir, but particularly for Little Miss as she is making her way through schooling with some difficulties.


All in all this is a lovely book with a well thought out story and some beautiful illustrations.  It is quite long so it is more of a 15 minute read rather than a 5 minute read, but we spend a long time talking about what the children can see in the drawings and then thinking about all the things they could invent themselves. It inspires great language and discussion, which for me is a key element to a good book, and the children can use the pictures to retell the story for themselves which they love to do!


There are a few other titles in this series – we have also been given Iggy Peck, Architect which is another book well worth reading!  You can pick up a copy of Rosie Revere over on Amazon for just under £10 (price correct as of date of this post)


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