Baa Baa Bubbles – A Review (#Ad)

Disclosure: Ad – we were sent the Baa Baa Bubbles game by Spinmaster in return for an honest review. We only review products we love and all opinions are our own.

We do love a good old game here at The Newby Tribe, but we often find one of the problems is that the children like such different things that it can be hard to find one that they both want to play. Alex is very much into strategy games and can play draughts for hours (often beating me!). Estelle likes games that she can get into straight away and don’t require her spending too long – often games of chance fit into her comfort zone. So when we were asked if we’d like to try the Baa Baa Bubbles game, we jumped at the chance.

The premise of Baa Baa Bubbles is really simple and fun. The aim is to feed the sheep with grass from the meadow, and with each feeding her coat will grow. Eventually, she’ll eat so much that she will end up sneezing and her coat will go everywhere! Sounds pretty simple eh? BUT…..there’s a brilliant twist which makes the game both hilarious and fun for everyone playing! Her coat is made from…..bubbles!

You press the head of the sheep to help it eat and watch it’s coat grow!

In the box you get the sheep, a small tube of bubble mixture and meadow tiles. You rub a little bit of the mixture onto the back of the sheep (not too much or the bubbles go literally everywhere!), and each person picks a meadow tile. Depending on the number on it, you press the head of the sheep down that many times, and watch with amazement and delight as her bubble coat starts to grow! But watch out – if the sheep sneezes the bubble coat blows off everywhere and you lose your tile!

Meadow tiles!
The bubbles keep going until…..
…the sheep sneezes and the bubbles go everywhere!

The premise is so simple and so easy to get to grips with that very small children will be able to play really quickly. The only issue we had with Alex was the slight difficulty in the pressure needed to push the sheep’s head down far enough to make the bubbles grown. But with a little practise he cracked it. Both children really enjoyed playing it, particularly because of the bubble madness that ensued when the sheep sneezed!

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