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9 Unique Books For Children : Christmas Gift Guide

Over here at The Newby Tribe, we love books! Both of the children are now readers, and Little Sir in particular absolutely can’t get enough of a book.  Every day he’ll appear several times in the evening with a plea of ‘Can you read me this book please?’ and of course, we always say yes!  I am so delighted that I’ve passed on my love of reading to both the children!  So, when we start thinking about what to buy them for Christmas, a new book is always on my list of things to get!  There are some truly wonderful books out there, but I wanted to bring you our list of unique books for children.  Ones that you won’t necessarily come across in the local book shop – but will be guaranteed to bring a smile to your little one’s face on Christmas morning!


9 Unique Books For Children

Unique books for children

Lonely Planet Kids’ Dinosaur Atlas

RRP: £12.99

Little Sir is an absolute dinosaur fanatic. What he doesn’t know about dinosaurs isn’t worth knowing! So this Dinosaur Atlas is right up his street – and if you’ve got a little one who loves dinosaurs, you can’t miss this gorgeous book!

Full of maps to unfold, tabs to lift and life-size fossils to measure themselves against, this Dinosaur Atlas is bound to keep your mini palaeontologist occupied for hours on end! With stunning illustrations and packed full of incredible facts, even the most fanatic dinosaur lover will find something new out when they pick up this book!

Unique books for children

The True Story of Tom and Mischa Dolphin Rescue


Both of the children are keen on animals and love learning more about them.  The zoo is probably one of our favourite places to visit.  So when we were thinking about books for christmas, it made perfect sense to look at the Born Free website and their great range of children’s books.

One of the reasons we love the books from Born Free, apart from being engaging tales that make the children question their world and understand how to look after the animals around them, is that for every purchase a percentage of the profits goes to the Born Free charity.  So not only are the books a great engaging read with a fantastic underlying story, but the charitable donation also makes them the perfect ‘feel good’ gift as well.

Unique books for children

I’d Do Anything For You – Personalised Book


As personalised books go, this is one of our absolute favourites – one of the reasons being that the child’s name is incorporated into the title, making it so unique and guaranteed to bring a smile to your little one’s face!  This gorgeous book (which comes in both soft and hardback) is funny, silly, highly engaging and has the most wonderful underlying story – that you’d do anything for your child.

We really love the fact the story rhymes, which makes it both a wonderful bedtime story but also for emerging readers, it makes it much easier for them to access by themselves.  The illustrations are wonderful to look at, and the children laughed every time we turned to a new picture – even spotting their name in some of the illustrations.  Absolutely guaranteed to make your child laugh out loud, this is a wonderfully unique story book.

Unique books for children

Lonely Planet Kids’ Incredible Cabinet of Wonders

RRP: £15.99

Another beautiful and unique book from Lonely Planet Kids’ – the Incredible Cabinet of Wonders is literally filled with that – awe and wonder!

Each double page contains little doors perfect for little fingers to open, behind which are 100 incredible objects from some of the world’s most famous museums. Discover wonders relating to toys, medicine and even monsters – a perfect book to keep your kids enthralled and engaged!

Unique books for children

My Golden Ticket

From £19.99 (customisation may increase the price)

When I was a small child, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was one of my very favourite books.  Little Miss is now at the age when she will be able to appreciate the story, and it’s on our list  to read in the New Year. So when I discovered the incredible My Golden Ticket book, I knew that this would be a wonderful way to begin to introduce her to the idea of Willy Wonka.  The Golden Ticket is a personalised adventure that opens the famous chocolate factory up to every child who reads the book.

The most wonderful thing about The Golden Ticket is the fact that it is so perfectly personalised that each version is completely unique to your child – no two versions will be the same!  Each book contains your child’s name, complete with their own unique candy, a personalised Oompha Loompa song and a Wonkafied family tree!  Even more excitingly, you can include an adult’s name in the book as well, so we included the children’s grandmother, which the children just loved!

But that’s not it!  You can pick a hardback or softback cover, add a personalised message, and even add a beautifully illustrated Wonka postcard which adds the most wonderful candy scent to the pages! A book good enough to read and good enough to smell. What more could you want?

Unique books for children

Once Upon A Time : A Timeless Collection of Fairy Tales (personalised)


Unique books don’t come much more unique than this wonderful collection of fairy tales.  Little Miss is becoming a great reader and is loving reading fairy tales – so when we discovered this beautiful hardback book of fairy tales, with the added delight of personalisation, we knew that this would be a book to treasure for ever.

Once Upon a Time is packed full of all the traditional tales from Jack and the Beanstalk to Red Riding Hood, all of which are stunningly illustrated.  Unlike other personalised books, the wonderful twist to this book is that your child’s name is woven into each of the illustrations.  They might find their name twisted into the vines of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, or in the grass in Hansel and Gretel.  They will love looking at the pictures and spotting their name as they read the fairy tales.  A perfect, and completely unique book which your child will treasure forever.

Unique books for children

Name of Child’s Snowman

£17.50 (softback) £20 (hardback)

We absolutely love personalised stories over here at The Newby Tribe, so when we discovered ‘Name of Child’s Snowman’ we were over the moon.  A christmas story which included one of the children!  The book is a lovely story where your child is transported to the North Pole to help Father Christmas with his presents!

The loveliest thing is that, not only is your child’s name in the book, but their picture appears throughout it – making it a wonderful read for readers as well as beginner readers as they can spot themselves and tell the story through the pictures.  The book even includes pertinent information such as their address and family members names, making this a book to treasure.

Unique books for children

The Smelly Sprout Sticker Activity Book


Perfect for the seasonal period, and perfect to keep your little ones busy during the long winter evenings, The Smelly Sprout Sticker Activity Book is packed full of puzzles, dot to dots, games, stickers and even a recipe page.

We absolutely love the idea of The Smelly Sprout, especially as neither Little Sir nor Little Miss likes sprouts – so they laughed themselves silly all through the book!  I think I’m going to struggle to put sprouts on the table on Christmas Day now – which the children will be delighted about.  A fantastic activity book which really appeals to children’s sense of fun!

Teddy Christmas


Teddy Christmas is a beautiful alternative Christmas story which we just loved reading.  Teddy Christmas is thrown out on Christmas Eve, so goes on a journey to find someone else to love and hug him.  It’s such a lovely story about hope, friendship, love and adventure, that your child is bound to want to hear the story again and again – even when the Christmas holidays are over. This would be a perfect stocking filler, or a lovely story to go in the Christmas Eve box!

Disclosure: We were sent several of the books in exchange for a review and inclusion into the gift guide. However, all the thoughts and opinions are our own, and we only include items that we truly love and believe in.

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