Dessert for Christmas Lunch : Cheat or Make?

This year we will be at my mum’s for Christmas lunch which we are all really looking forward to. She is super organised and has already bought the turkey and planned what we are having for the main meal.  We are anticipating that the kids will be super excited and probably not that hungry so we are going to have the main course and then a pudding.  I said, a few months ago (when I was feeling enthusiastic about baking) that I’d make a pudding.  Sort of regretting that right now!  So, the question is, will I be able to get away with cheating for dessert – or will I have to make one?

I decided that, considering we are moving house literally 2 days after Christmas, that making a dessert is probably one thing I don’t need to put myself through.  So I’ve spent time researching what we could have for dessert instead! Here are my top 5 choices.


I’ve never been a big fan of Panettone. I’ve always found it to be a little like Christmas pudding but not as tasty.  It seemed to have quite a lot of peel in it, which I’m definitely not a fan of, so I’ve tended to avoid it.  However, recently I have been introduced to the plain version and oh what a revelation! Light, airy, delicately flavoured – an absolute delight.  This one goes right to the top of the list of ideas for after lunch.  It won’t feel heavy on our stomaches, and a little bit goes a long way.

Christmas Pudding

I know lots of people who aren’t a fan of Christmas Pudding, but it has always been one of my favourites.  We used to have it every Christmas and my grandmother would make a lemon sauce to go with it. To me it epitomises Christmas.  However, the children really aren’t big fans of fruit cake, so I’m guessing they won’t particularly like Christmas Pudding either.  We might get to have this at the in laws on Boxing Day, so I don’t think I’ll miss out.


This would be top of the list for Mr N.  He adores any form of profiteroles – particularly home made (which would defeat the purpose of trying to cheat!!).  When I was asking him what we should have for dessert, he immediately suggested salted caramel profiteroles.  Now, I am all for profiteroles, but considering Little Sir has a bit of an allergy to cream, I could see this turning Christmas Dinner into a Christmas Disaster!

Chocolate Pudding

Without a shadow of a doubt, the children would chose some type of Chocolate Pudding for dessert.  Now, I know I could probably easily pick up something chocolate based, and in fact I could probably throw one together if I needed to, but I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t go down that well with the adults in the family.  It’s not so much that they don’t like chocolate, but after a big turkey dinner, I don’t think we will do it justice!

Ile Flottante

I was trying to think about a dessert which would be a bit lighter and easy to slide down, but full of taste, and thought that perhaps ile flottante might be the way to go.  When I was 13, we lived in France for a couple of years, and would ile flottante (also known as Floating Islands) was a firm favourite. It basically consists of soft meringue floating on a bed of creme anglaise.  Utterly deliciousness.  However I would definitely have to make this and it really is far to complicated to make on Christmas Day after a couple of glasses of wine.  I think it would be a disaster in the making.

So, after plentiful research (and quite a bit of tasting) we have settled on Panetonne with icing sugar and lots of red berries. It is sure to be the perfect ending to our meal.

We’d love to know if you have any particular favourites to end Christmas lunch!

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    1. Author

      I think a crowd pleaser is definitely the way to go – and by adding the berries then I’m pretty sure it will count as one of our five a day! x

  1. We always had Christmas pudding for dessert but I love a yule log too and that would be mega easy (just buy one ?). Good luck and enjoy your Christmas ? Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT ?

    1. Author

      Oooh, I didn’t think of a yule log – what a great idea – and would meet the kids expectations too! Right I’m going with Panettone and Yule Log as my two choices – thanks Catie 🙂 x

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