Why I Banned Star Wars From My House

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Mr N is a big Star Wars fan. Actually, scrap that – he is a HUGE Star Wars fan. He can pretty much tell you anything you want to know (and don’t want to know!) about Star Wars – he can name the ships, lands, characters and so on ad nausea.  Around our house we have several Darth Vaders made out of Lego, too many Storm Troopers of all sizes, and several space ships.  We also own all the Star Wars films and a couple of Star Wars books. So basically far too much stuff for a grown man to own but there you go. I am NOT a Star Wars fan.  I don’t think I have ever watched one all the way through – it’s just not my cup of tea.  I can’t see the enjoyment but I am aware that I am a minority!  So, when Little Sir came home, Mr N was delighted that he would have someone to introduce Star Wars to who might react better than me.  And he was right! Little Sir took to Star Wars like a duck to water.  He very quickly understood the stories and  the concept and loved it from day one.  I think it helped that Mr N showed Little Sir a photo of him meeting Darth Vader – introducing him as a friend that Daddy worked with! (Incidentally this has led to several slightly awkward moments when Little Sir sees a Darth toy in the shops and loudly says ‘That’s Darth Vader – my Daddy works with him!’. Goodness knows what people think!)  Let me say here that, from the very beginning of the Star Wars saga, I was reluctant to introduce my 3 year old to it.  Mr N reassured me that the original Star Wars films were designed to be more child friendly, and he was so excited to introduce them to Little Sir that I let it go ahead. BIG MISTAKE!! For the first few months, Little Sir was quite excited by Star Wars but also loved Spiderman, Octonauts and dinosaurs so I wasn’t too worried. But gradually, as the months went by, Star Wars took over our lives.  Everything was Star Wars – he only want to watch Star Wars, talk about Star Wars, read about Star Wars and play at Star Wars.  Now I’m all for children becoming immersed in play but this was getting out of hand. The final straw was a few weeks ago at his outdoor nursery.  One of his teacher’s took me to one side and said that all he wanted to play was Star Wars and wouldn’t be persuaded into playing anything else.  This in itself wasn’t a huge problem but he was also becoming really cross with anyone else who wouldn’t play Star Wars with him. Every stick he picked up had to be a lightsaber, every tree had to be a space ship and every child had to be part of the story.  The thing is, most of the children (OK read that as all of the other children) either hadn’t heard of Star Wars or really weren’t interested. They wanted to play a whole host of other imaginative games, and Little Sir was beginning to alienate himself and not want to play with others because they wouldn’t play Star Wars. When I heard this I was really concerned! My initial fears had come true. I knew I needed to do something and fast. So, I banned Star Wars from the house. No films, no Lego Star Wars, no Darth Vader, no Storm Troopers, no books, no sticker books.  Nothing! I reintroduced Little Sir to his Octonaut toys, brought out the Lego again and pulled out the board games.  Would it work? Well one week later we have a completely different Little Sir on our hands.  He is re engaging with his friends at school, playing helicopter pilots and coffee shops; he is enjoying his Octonauts toys and reading all about the GUP-A, and he is building lots of different things with his Lego and Duplo bricks. He is back to my smiley, chirpy little chap who loves to play with his sister and pretend they are on a train ride to the beach. He is cuddly again and spends a lot of his time kissing and hugging on the sofa. In some ways, I’m so surprised that Star Wars took over our lives so quickly and so completely, but I’m also so pleased that a simple fix brought my delightful little man round again. I’m so glad to have him back!  

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6 thoughts on “Why I Banned Star Wars From My House

  1. An imperfect Mum (@animperfectmum)

    Oh thank goodness! I am another one who just doesn’t get the Star Wars phenomenon. It just goes to show that there needs to be moderation in everything including play. Glad it was a good solution for you! Thank you for linking up with us at #ablogginggoodtime 🎉

  2. themotherhub

    they do get obsessed with things dont they? in my experience they tend to go off things of their own accord but not harm to limit it if you felt it was taking over. btw, my husband is also keen on introducing the kids to movies like star wars – i think he is just excited to share them, but these things can wait! #ablogginggoodtime

  3. Fridgesays

    Interesting perspective, I enjoyed reading this. We have a 3yo who watches the old ones, knows the name of the ships, has some of Daddies characters to play with but
    Luckily also plays with other things and prefers crocodiles – I guess it’s balance isn’t it? Glad you found a happy boy behind Darths mask

  4. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Cherry, good move on your part! It just goes to show how easily little ones are influenced. My son supports Man U – Why? Because his Dad does! And Exeter City – Why? Because his Granddad does! .. So sad!

    I love the fact your other half works with Darth Vader, that must make for some interesting conversations. Especially with anyone who happens to overhear your son speaking!


    1. cherrynewby

      It’s normally OK until we head into a toy shop and then I have to steer him quickly away from any Star Wars based characters – although when Tesco released it’s Star Wars based bag, that was an interesting food shop :). Thanks for reading x


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