Why A Cruise Is The Perfect Family Holiday

Looking for the perfect family holiday doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it can take a lot of trial and error to get the whole thing down to a fine art. Many people love the idea of a cruise but worry about things like sea sickness, getting ‘cabin fever’ and bad weather. But really a cruise holiday is the perfect family holiday. And here are just a few reasons that the nest holiday you book should be a cruise. 


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No Sky

Yes, a cruise is practically perfect for people who don’t like flying. If you have flown with children, you already know that no amount of tips and tricks can keep a toddler occupied when the delays kick in. Once you arrive, you need to get through security which can be a sweat-inducing time at best. While not everyone experiences difficulties, it can still be a bit of a slog to handle. With a cruise, you check-in at your time, walk on to the boat and uhm… that’s it!


One of the best things about being a cruise is they know how important it is to entertain the whole family. The business model relies on providing experiences and shows for all age groups – as well as the sites when docked. Every night you will find that there will be shows, activities, even games of bingo. There are usually bookable group babysitting options – which means you can have a post-dinner drink if you like. 


Everything you’re going to eat will be included in the price. And there is a lot on offer. Most cruise lines cater to all intolerances and food preferences. But, better than that, they also have a broad worldly selection. Most food courts or restaurants will open somewhere around breakfast time and close when the sun is long gone. You will usually find seafood, Italian, fruits, soups, light snacks and more. The main meals are generally served directly to you if you are worried about other people handling your food. 


Land Ho!

At specific points in the cruise, you will head for land. So if you are worried about the same-same of day in and day out, then you can relax. There are usually a few days at sea and a day or more docked. If you book a slightly longer cruise, you will experience a range of locations too. 

And the activities on board shouldn’t be underestimated either. 


Swimming, watching movies, shuffleboard, lawn bowls… and so much more. People aren’t often aware of just how significant a cruise ship is. You might be surprised to learn that there are art exhibitions, spas, mini-golf, video arcades, and even cooking classes! So there is no end to possibilities. 



How many times have you gone on a short break, only to find those small coffees and cakes adding up thick and fast? What was meant to be budget has blown a hole in the bank. And it is nice while you’re there. Trying new coffee, the local bakery and more. But eventually you arrive home, and the bills land on the doorstep. Because you pay for the full amount of the cruise, you cover all of that. Of course, there are things to buy if you really want to, and if you have addons or drinks packages, then you’ll see some costs attached. Main meals are all covered, the gym, swimming and most of the activities too. 


There is always small print that you should look into though. 


And the reason it is cashless is that you’ll link your bank card or credit card up to your cruise card and that will be swiped when you do have to cover the costs. 

Kids Clubs

Cruises have a lot of options for kids. They have well-maintained kids clubs with qualified staff. The children who attend, get to do a range of fun activities over the course of their stay and will get a chance to make some friends too. The clubs are usually split up by ages, with something for older children too. 



When you book your cruise, you probably won’t need to worry as much about all of the things you’ll need to take with you. If you were hopping between islands by plane you’d need to repack over and over again. And we all know trying to fit your clothing back into a bag is an impossible task even once. And unlike the plane, your luggage will be with you the whole time. 


As mentioned above, there are kids clubs and a lot of other activities. But cruises are designed for the enjoyment of everyone. Being in the same space during a holiday can sometimes cause people to get on each other’s nerves. With a cruise, there are spaces for people to peel off and head to for some peace and relaxation. Because everyone is contained in the boat, you know everyone is safe. Even more so when you have them in clubs and booked time slot activities. 


Your options are endless. You can choose to take to the seas in your native country – because you probably haven’t seen everything there is to see there yet. Or you can choose to go to far-flung places. You can decide where you go as a family, which is part of the fun too. Europe has some beautiful locations, and you can see many of them over the space of a week. You might choose to visit the Nordics, the Carribean or the Mediterranean. 



You don’t just have to choose a mega-ship. There are smaller options too. It depends on what type of activities you want to do, the location that you want to travel to and your family. Celebrity cruise deals are a great option when you are looking for a luxury cruise option with a great price. 


When it comes to a cruise, families have such a great time because of the ease. You walk on to the boat, sign up for activities, and enjoy a week or two in a safe, carefree and activity-packed place. With evening entertainment a given, all you need to decide is when you’re going. 


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