Three Tips To Help You Look After Yourself Through Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be the most magical time of your life. How amazing is your body? While you carry on as normal, your body is growing a human being! These tips will help you take care of yourself through this exciting time.

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Deep Rest

While it might sound obvious, pregnancy is a good time to get some rest before the baby comes! You can expect to feel more tired than you are used to during the first trimester and the third trimester of your pregnancy, which is when rest is really important for the health of you and your baby. If possible, put yourself to bed early, and refresh yourself with short naps whenever you can. While ten minutes might not seem like very much time, you’ll be amazed by how energising a short power nap can be, especially when your body is working like a boss. And sleeping isn’t the only way to rest. Just doing a restful activity like listening to music or reading can recharge your body and mind. If you’re into the joys of writing, pregnancy is a great time to keep a journal.

Move Your Body

Why exercise when your body is already achieving a feat comparable to a marathon? While it can be tempting to let yourself off the hook exercise-wise while you are pregnant, daily exercise will energise you and prepare your body for the strain of childbirth. Light weight training helps build strength, which will help you to cope more readily with muscular pains when you give birth to your child. You will also recover more quickly afterwards. Though you needn’t feel the need to do anything too strenuous. Even light stretching can ease pains in the back and legs, and walking regularly improves your circulation. If you’re keen to strengthen those abs before you deliver, swimming is a great choice. It is not advisable to perform high impact or contact sport during your pregnancy. Rather, choose a pregnancy exercise regime that does not put the body under undue stress.

Good Nutrition

While your body is literally building a baby, it is important to give it the building blocks it needs to do its job. Taking the time and trouble to get your nutrition on point during pregnancy will make a significant impact on your baby’s health, so it’s worth getting professional advice as early on in your pregnancy as you can. Early Life Health Nutrition Coallition is a brilliant resource if you’re looking for sound advice. Nutrients pass from your body directly to the baby, so there is truth to the old pregnancy adage, ‘eating for two’. Pregnancy cravings are completely normal. Whether you crave smoked salmon or hot chips, don’t give yourself a hard time for listening to what your body is asking for, but it’s important to make sure your pregnancy cravings aren’t the entirety of your diet. Nothing wrong with hot chips, as long as that’s not all you’re eating on a daily basis. A balanced healthy diet is essential to your child’s health.

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Given what your body is achieving during this time, it should be expected that pregnancy will bring some big changes. You will have raging hormones to contend with, and your energy levels can be high one moment and low the next. But don’t let the physical turmoil get in the way of your enjoyment of this special time. These tips will help you care for yourself, so you can care for the bump.

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