Think To The Future, Keeping Kids Social During A Pandemic

At the moment, kids are unable to meet each other and if your child is an only child, then they may require a little more attention from you to help keep them occupied. Looking to the future is great, there are so many exciting things for kids to do once the pandemic is over, such as day trips, and you could even look at hiring some type of minibus for the kids to take them to play sports or on a camping trip. You should look at the best minibus insurance to make sure you’re covered if this is something that you may choose to do. 


In the meantime though, you will be able to do a few fun things together that is both fun and healthy for them and should help keep their minds occupied: 


  • Keep up with schoolwork – this may seem difficult and even pointless but you would not want your child to fall behind in any way with their work and be behind their peers when they return to work. If they have been set some work then this can be continued but ensuring that they are still reading with you and working on numbers and spellings will help keep their minds in tune with learning as well as helping them to continue blossoming whilst they’re not being educated. 


  • Dance the time away! – Get your kids moving and you can look at different dances and learn some dance routines that they can share and will be a fun way to keep them active. Many apps allow them to connect via a camera so they can dance with their friends. For instance, they can send friends a link to the dance, then have everyone take videos of themselves to swap later, this is a great fun way to keep them connected. 


  • Be artsy – this is going to always be a winner. Kids love painting, drawing and making things, it’s how they learn. Get their supplies together and dedicate some time to it, or look for an online activity hosted by an artist, or group where you can share art with your friends or be part of a live class so they can still feel connected.  


  • Games – games can be beneficial to their health as well as their life skills. Choose games that will be educational and can either help them with words or numbers. 


  • Learn to cook – let your kids cook with you, or if you don’t cook, learn together. Get some cookery books online and get to work on creating something fun and healthy for them. It will be a great way to bond and it can also be fun. If you make wholesome and healthy foods you are also assisting them physically. Looking after your body during this time is the most important thing. 


Be sure to make the most of these trying times for your own sanity and for your children also. It doesn’t have to be hard, and it can be made much easier. Stay safe. 


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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