Strictly Bricks : A Review (#Ad)

Disclosure: #Ad We were sent these base plates from Strictly Briks in return for an honest review. We only ever recommend items that we truly love, and all our opinions are our own.

In the Newby household, we are bricks mad! We bought Alex his first set of large bricks when he was just turned 3 and we haven’t looked back since. In fact we have two huge 4 drawer storage centres packed full of bricks – and I mean FULL!!! So when we were asked if we would be interested in reviewing a set from Strictly Briks – well it was a no brainer!

We were so excited when the package arrived to see that Strictly Briks had produced something we hadn’t seen before – base plates with trap doors in them! Utter genius! Obviously, the very first thing that Alex though of building was a garage – and as soon as we’d opened the box, that’s what we built!

The base plates were as easy to use and manipulate as any other bricks that we’ve had in the past, and they are designed to be used with all other types of bricks – which is perfect for a bricks mad family like ours! Within the space of 10 minutes, Alex had the garage up and built, complete with cars, people and, of course, a random gingerbread man! Well why not!!

He really loved how he could play at different levels. Up until now, Alex has designed lots of vehicles, but he’s always struggled with any form of building – he’s had a go at houses but it’s never quite worked out – it requires a bit more engineering knowledge than we currently have. So to be able to, in a few minutes, create an actual structure, was exactly what he wanted to be able to do.

It also made it so much more fun to play with more than one person, as each person could control a different level, which made the game play chaotic but hugely fun!

Ultimately, we’ve had our Strictly Briks baseplates for a few weeks now, and we’ve had more play time with these base plates than any others we’ve had in the past. Alex gave them a 10/10, which for little boy with discerning taste, speaks volumes! If you have a bricks mad fan in your house who would love these fab base plates then you can head over to Amazon to purchase them!

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