Are you heading off to Parents' Evening soon? Wondering what to ask? Here are 8 insightful questions that will help you find out more about your child at school.

8 Insightful Questions To Ask At Parents’ Evening

At this time of the year, up and down the country, parents are heading to their child’s school for a 10 minute meeting. Some are hopeful, some are anxious and some are just downright confused.What questions should you be asking? What do you really need to know? How can you make the most of those precious 10 minutes?

The first Parents’ Evening of the year is really a chance for you to get to talk to the teacher, find out a bit more about how your child is settling in.  You will only have 10 minutes with the teacher, so it’s worth thinking about what you might want to find out more about before you go in so that you can maximise your time.

Here are some possible questions that will help you find out more about how your child is getting on:

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Does my child have a group of friends that she/he regularly plays with?
This will let you know whether they are happy at playtimes or whether they are often seen on their own.

Does my child contribute in class?
This will inform you whether your child is sitting back when in a group scenario. This can show that they aren’t really understanding what is being taught, or can be an indication that they are not comfortable in the class environment.

How often does my child work with a Teaching Assistant?

The answer to this will give you a good idea about whether your child is grasping the concepts being taught or whether they are regularly needing extra help.

Does my child have any interventions?

Interventions are essentially small group work and are put in place for children who need catch up work. This will let you know the areas your child is struggling with.

What are my child’s strengths/weaknesses?

This will give you an idea of areas you might need to concentrate on at home but will also give you a thread to follow through as your child goes through school.

Is my child on track for their age?

You will be able to look at examples of their work and this question will enable you to know whether they are on track for age related expectations. If they are not, you can then ask what they school are putting in place to help.

How can you help my child with friendships/concentration/their writing at school? 

This opens a great dialogue with the teacher and helps to alleviate any concerns you have.

How can I help my child at home?
Hopefully the teacher will give you some key areas to work on, and you can follow this through at the next Parents’ Evening in the Spring.

The first Parents’ Evening is also an opportunity for you to discuss any areas of concern you have or to update the teacher on anything you think they need to know from home.Parents’ Evenings can feel quite daunting, especially if it is one of the first ones you have done, but if you can use the 10 minutes as a way to not only find out more about how your child is getting on in school, but also as a way to build a good working relationship with the teacher, you will find it much easier to approach them later in the year if there are any problems!


Are there any things that you wish the teacher would tell you at Parents’ Evenings?

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  1. Some great tips here. N is in year 1, but I’ve never really got much out of parents evening yet, other than what I already knew, but nothing of any substance. I might try some of these at the next one (although ours isn’t until January).

    I run a #schooldays linky, if you want to come and link up over at Bubbablue and me

  2. My daughter’s teacher last year was not very forthcoming with information at parents evening. She hardly told us anything even though we tried to ask questions. Her teacher this year seems much more chatty, so hopefully it will be better, and we will go armed with some of your questions too. Thanks #MarvMondays

    1. I know that feeling – sometimes teachers appear to have no idea who your child is let alone what they are good at or struggling with. Fingers crossed you have a better evening this year! x

  3. Great tips, I’m always at a loss for words at parents evening and can never think of much to ask. We had one last week but I’ll remember these for the next one x

  4. Some good tips here! With three kids, aged 15, 12 and 10, I’ve been to A LOT of parents’ evenings over the years. To be honest, I find the teachers usually have their own list of points to get through and there’s very little time for questions – no more than about a minute at the end.

    1. I agree – teachers do tend to have a list of points which makes it hard to get your own questions in! Always worth trying a few when they take a breath 🙂 x

  5. This is such a great post. We have our first parents evening after half term, and although our little one is only in nursery school, its still very much school in our minds and so I would expect to be asking all the same questions. This is really helpful as rather than go in and have a generic conversation about how they are doing and what they have been up to, I feel like Ill be able to go in and ask questions that will give us some real insight into how shes doing. I’m definitely going to be printing these off or writing them down! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

  6. These are great points to find out how your child is coping with school. great for those who’re not sure what to say when attending! #dreamteam

  7. These are really great tips – I had our first parents evening last week and was happy with that the teacher told me but these would be super helpful for future ones ? thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  8. I really wish I’d read this post before my daughter’s first parents evening last week. I was congratulating myself as I read your first point as I definitely asked that one… But then I kicked myself for not asking many of the great suggestions that you’ve followed on to say. I’ll be back to prepare myself better for next time. Thank you for sharing this with #DreamTeam x

  9. I m just looking for questions with p in yr 3 and t in yr 1. I think the reality of the governments curriculum and objectives has hit home now, and you are vaguely sheltered from it in yr r,1 & 2. My key question would be, considering the level that my child is at how challenging or dam right difficult with my child find next year?

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