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First School Trip? 5 Helpful Things To Remember

The day you get the permission slip home which informs you your child is going on an exciting school trip elicits two very different responses.

Your Child: “Yay, we are going on a school trip.  I get to ride on a bus.  I’m going to sit with my friends – I can’t wait!”

You: “A school trip? Oh no – not happening, he’s only tiny, what if they lose him, or he’s travel sick or he needs me???”

school trip

I’ve been there! But I’ve been there on both sides of the fence – so here are 5 important things to remember about that school trip!

  1. Teachers have been on hundreds of trips! They will have taken 30 children out everywhere from the local park, to the seaside and everything in between.  They know exactly what they are doing and are brilliant at keeping everyone together and safe!
  2. There are numerous risk assessments that have to be filled out before the trip even gets approved.  The teachers have to do a pre visit check to the venue to see if there are any hazards. They have to check pupil to adult numbers.  The organisers (which may be the Office staff) will ensure there is a place for lunch, a place to put bags, a organised tour if needed, and a suitable mode of transport.  Before you even get the letter, there has normally been several months of work put into a trip – it’s very well thought out, and every eventuality is covered! Then the whole thing has to be signed off by the Headteacher.
  3. With small children, there numbers of adults to children is very high.  The children will be put in groups and allocated an adult. They will know who their adult is, and there will be head counts literally everywhere!
  4. Teachers all carry mobile phones with them.  They will inform the school if they are going to be late back.  They will inform the school if there are any problems. Ultimately they will tell the school about anything and everything at all times – nothing is left to chance.
  5. Worrying about sickness? Or your child forgetting their lunch? Teachers will sort it! They are brilliant at finding a lunch if your child has forgotten theirs (or left it behind).  There are always First Aiders on every trip, so don’t worry about possible travel sickness.  They have tricks up their sleeves for every eventuality.

That first trip (or even the second, third or fourth) can feel like a huge step as parents, but our children get so much out of learning out of school – and you can’t beat the memories they will make.  So, when you get that letter, put a smile on, pack a yummy lunch, and wait for the tired, but guaranteed to be exhausted, little one full of stories and memories at the end of the day!

Has your child been on their first school trip yet? How did you feel when you got that letter? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I’ve been a helper on school trips before – repetitive head counts, throughout the day, is so true; you’re constantly paranoid that you’ll lose one of your assigned students. Not that I ever have! 😉 lol Reassuring article that applies to most organised groups, including Scout camps. 🙂

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