Enriching Break Time Within Your School

Break time is one of the main things a school kid looks forward to – you get to go outside, spend time having fun with your friends, and you get to burn off the brunt of that energy that’s making you fidget all over the place in the classroom! And as a teacher, break times are just as important for you too: now you have the chance to fill your coffee cup back up, and sit down for a chat with your fellow colleagues


But if break times are the same, each and every day, surely things are eventually going to get a bit boring… Spending time in the staff room becomes a bit of a chore, and the kids are spilling indoors just to have a sit-down and a bit of quiet time. And the older a school kid gets, the more likely they are to do something like this!


And so, now’s the time to look into how you could enrich break time within your school. There’s plenty of ways to do it, and here’s just a couple of suggestions to get you started.



Give Them Some More Time


It’s been found that quite a few schools have had to cut down their break and lunchtime allocations – it seems to be older children, in higher grades or secondary school, that suffer the most with this lack of free time within the school setting. It can even stop kids from being able to eat all of their packed lunch, as well as have the time to spend with their friends, or read a book in the library, etc. 


So we might just need to give kids some more time to themselves. It’s one of the simplest ways you could enrich break and lunchtime within your school. Of course, lessons are the most crucial part of the school day, but no can focus non-stop for 6 hours a day! 


Make Sure They Have the Chance to Be Active! 


Kids can get bored very easily, can’t they? Kids love to have something to do, at all times, and having to sit down and focus for most of the day makes them extra eager to get outside and have some fun! But if your school has little to no activities out there for the kids to enjoy, and they have to rely on their own imaginations most of the time, there’s a good chance you could be letting your students down. 


So, to better enrich break time, what could you do? School playground equipment is always there to be invested in, as well as plenty of creative outlets, such as lunchtime clubs that allow kids to go wild with their imaginations. The more involved a child can get, the more likely they are to attend! 


Enriching the time your students have to themselves within your school is an incredibly important matter. Make sure you’re doing your bit to let kids socialise, and use active, creative outlets, outside of lessons. 


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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