Choosing The Right School

The single most important decision you will have to make in your child’s life is what school to send them to. It might seem like a relatively simple decision, but there is a lot which goes into choosing the right school for your child to spend their early years. In the end, it is their experiences at the school which will shape their personality and the decisions they make later in life. If you are struggling to know how to choose the right school for your child, take a look at these tips:

The Right Teacher

The most influential person in your child’s life apart from you will be their teacher. It is crucial for your child to have a teacher which they feel they can talk to and who they get along with. Finding a great teacher is the first step in knowing that the school you have chosen for your child is the right one. Look for a teacher who is engaged and cheerful. Someone who you can also talk to with ease, and who can speak to each different child as if they are the only one in the classroom.  

Heavy On Reading

One of the most important subjects for your child to become heavily invested in at a young age is reading and writing. Check this page on Educators and make sure that the school you want to take your child to invests plenty of time during the week for reading and storytelling. One of the most valuable skills your child can have is the ability to read and write, so making sure your school really imprints that into the kids is crucial.



Mathematics is just as important as English. The earlier your child learns simple maths the better for them, because as children grow older they struggle moe with learning new concepts. Small children are impressionable so you want to make sure that the school you choose will be teaching maths from day one.

Regular Breaks

Some schools won’t offer their children recess throughout the day, which is the worst thing you can do for your child’s development. Children can be incredibly smart but they also have very short attention spans. If the school doesn’t give them a rest between lessons they will become bored and never retain all of the information from the day. Ideally a school should have a small morning break, lunch time, and then an afternoon break. This ensures that children can walk into the classroom with a fresh mind ready to learn.

The Name Doesn’t Matter

If you are looking around the local area and taking the name of the school or the type of school as gospel; you aren’t searching in the right way. A school does not need to be an academy or a private school in order to be the best for your child’s development. Take the time to visit the schools in your area and talk to other parents to see which schools are ACTUALLY the best ones. You will learn in time the signs to look out for and eventually you will get to a stage where walking through the door will tell you everything you need to know.

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