Advice For Getting Children Ready For Secondary School

When your child is almost ready for secondary school, it’s both a proud moment and a scary one. The thought that they’re growing up so fast can be hard to swallow, and you’re aware that being the youngest in the school again can be a big change. Big school can be a shock, especially as the way that secondary school operates is so different from primary school. However, you can prepare your child for secondary school and help to make sure that they are ready. Take a look at some of these tips that will help you to get things sorted out in time for your child’s first day at secondary school.



Consider School Choices


Before the time comes for your child to go to secondary school, you first need to find the right one. If you’re thinking about grammar schools or other selective schools, you will need to look at the 11+ or perhaps other entrance exams. Think Smart Academy can provide you with a guide to the exam and tuition to help your child pass it. Of course, you might only be looking at comprehensive schools. If you are, you need to understand the application process and how students are prioritised when they make their selections for preferred schools.


Talk About Changes


Discussing the changes that will occur with your child can help them to adjust to their new school. Before they start secondary school, it’s a good idea to talk about how things will be different and what it will look like. Reassure them about the things that they are nervous about but make sure they are prepared for the reality of secondary school too. There are many things that are different compared to primary school, from the marks that they will receive to the homework they will be expected to complete.



Creating New Routines


It can be difficult for any child to start a completely new routine, and it’s harder for some children than others. Establishing new routines can be tricky at first, but the benefit is that they help to reduce stress in the long-term. You can start by discussing how your child is going to get to and from school, and perhaps doing a practice run if it’s possible. Going through morning and afternoon routines will help too. However, these are things that will also develop once your child has started school.



Be Prepared with the Right Stuff


There’s always a lot of stuff to buy for a new school year. At secondary school, your child will usually need more than they will ever have had at primary school. They will need their own pencil case, and may need some tools for maths, such as a calculator, protractor and set square. Of course, you will also need to make sure you have the correct uniform and the correct PE kit. A school bag will also be needed, which your child might not have had before now. Let them choose a bag but try to find one that will be good for their back when carrying books.


Secondary school can be scary for everyone, but preparing your child for the big day can make it easier.


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