7 Great Learning Ideas For Car Mad Kids

For Day 3 of Blogtober17, we are talking cars!  Little Sir is absolutely car mad. Actually, to clarify that, he is vehicle mad (oh and Star Wars mad, dinosaur mad and super hero mad – but I digress!)  Ever since we knew him he has been fascinated with vehicles of all shapes and sizes (bin lorry day is a BIG day in our house!), so when I was thinking about how to do some learning play with him, it was obvious that using cars would be a winner!  I’m not an Early Years Practitioner, so I had to do a bit of research, but we came up with some great learning ideas for car mad kids!

Do you have car mad kids? Check out our 7 awesome ideas to help them learning through play!

STEM And Bridge Building

This was one of the first activities we came across, and it was so perfect as it appealed to Little Sir and Paul.  The premise is ‘Can you build a bridge strong enough to hold a car using foil?’. They had great fun unrolling the foil, figuring out how to fashion a bridge, and trying loads of different size cars. We were able to talk about engineering, strength, properties of materials, mass as well as counting the cars and measuring them against each other.  Such a great idea – can’t go wrong for car mad kids!  We found it over at The Boy And Me!

Number Recognition

Over at Inspired By Family Magazine, we came upon this great idea for number recognition.  It’s such a lovely idea which involves using car shapes with numbers written on them, and a water bottle to ‘wash’ the cars once the number is recognised.  Little Sir absolutely loved it! In all honesty, I think he mostly loved getting the cars wet and using the spray bottle – but he was learning his numbers at the same time, so I’ll call that a win!  Not only was he learning his numbers, but by using the water spray, he was also beginning to build his fine motor skills – exactly what he was lacking and what was needed to help him build writing muscles!

Role Play At The Car Wash

This isn’t one that we’ve managed to do as yet, but it’s on the list for the summer – and is perfect for car mad kids! We found it over at Teaching The Little People, and is such a fantastic idea!  It entails using large cardboard boxes and plastic cut up table cloths to create a car wash big enough for the children to drive through.  Now, I know my kids are a little older, but Little Sir is still car mad – and Little Miss loves role play – so we’ll be building our car wash together in the Summer and I know we’ll have so much fun!

Learning Shape Properties

Adventures And Play gave us this idea to create roads using shapes! We’d been struggling to help Little Miss learn her shapes, and wanted to get cracking on it with Little Sir from early on – so this was a life saver! Basically you use A4 sandpaper sheets and draw and cut out different shapes from it, then turn it into a road by adding white markings.  The children spent hours driving the cars around the shapes. It was such a great opportunity to talk about the different properties, names and differences between the shapes – and it really helped both of the children embed their knowledge!


Somehow, most of the learning around cars seems to be based around Maths, but obviously we needed to get Little Sir going on his phonics too.  So I was delighted when I found this great printable from  The Bubblegum Tree.  I love the idea of using a car park to practise tricky phonics, and linking it to reading as well is just the icing on the cake!  You can even adapt if for numbers, shapes, whole words or more simple sounds!

Drawing With Cars

Now, I’m not the most crafty person in the world, but both Little Sir and Little Miss adore painting, colouring and anything that makes a mess. So, when thinking about activities for a car mad kid, I knew that I needed to find something that was a bit more arty but was easy for me to put together! So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Clare’s Little Tots post about drawing with cars!  It couldn’t be easier.  Tape, cars, large rolls of paper and washable marker pens and the kids are away.  I’m now thinking about whether it would work with chalks outside in the summer months? We’ll definitely give it a go!

Car Mad Kids On The Go

So far, all of the activities we found were designed to be done in and around the house.  However, we do spend a lot of time in the car, so we did some digging and found this great post from The Idea Room, which has 25 fantastic games to be played on the move! There’s a whole heap of great ideas from car and number plate bingo (number recognition anyone!) to ideas for lap trays and carry on toys. We’ve not had the chance to try out anything more than the bingo ones as yet, but they are on our to do list!

So there you have it – 7 great learning ideas for car mad kids, both in the house and on the go! I’d love to know if you have any more that we could use!  

In tomorrow’s Blogtober17 post I’ll be chatting all about the best advent calendars for kids! (I might even slip my favourite ones for me in too!!) If you’d like to read the previous days, we chatted all about the Newby Tribe for Day 1, and yesterday was about building the tribe bigger through fostering to adopt!


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  1. I love these ideas – particularly the car wash! My Dad used to to take us to the car wash as a ‘treat’. It would make a really fun game. Always good to teach/learn using something the kids love!

  2. I love this post! I love the number recognition idea, my son would love to “wash” his cars once he’s got the number correct! Lovely post xx #Blogtober17

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