2018 Writing Moderation Materials

Not surprisingly at the moment, the STA are releasing a lot of information about the upcoming tests in the Summer months, all of which can be very helpful.  Recently, they released a one stop shop page with all the information and resources about the tests which is a great place to start, especially if you are a new to Year 2 or Year 6 teacher.  Today they have released the 2018 writing moderation materials which can be found below.  Oddly they have released them via the NCA Tools website, but as there is no reason for them to be secret and the documentation encourages Heads to share them with their staff, I’ve added them here.

Key Stage 1 Training Presentation

Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment Moderation Training Pack

Key Stage 2 Training Presentation

Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment Moderation Training Pack

(These are all linked to Google Docs – so when you click on the link, you need to click ‘download’ in order to view the documents.)

Key information about writing moderation for the 2018 tests from the STA.

As a Year 6 teacher, I always found the writing moderation materials to be very useful for helping me make better judgements and to ensure that what I was thinking was similar to what was expected.  The training presentations contain some clarification about what is meant by ‘particular weakness’  and it also clarifies writing which is partially independent.  It also has some revised clarification about ‘pupil can’ statements!

The training packs, which are probably the most helpful, show examples of what the moderators will be looking for, and what does, and does not, count towards some of the ‘pupil can’ statements.

If you are a Year 2 or Year 6 teacher, or a subject leader or member of SLT, it is definitely worth checking these out, as writing moderation can be very difficult as it is so judgement based.  However, it would also be worth using these document with other year groups as well, so that the clarification runs through the school rather than just in these year groups.

I hope this helps, and I will be keeping an eye on the STA website, plus a large number of other assessment websites, and will aim to bring you the most up to date information as soon as I am aware of it.

If you have any questions about assessment or if you are looking for any particular information, do drop me a line below and I’ll come back to you!


  1. Thank you so much for this! Really useful. However, when I download the presentations it only opens the first slide of it – the rest of the presentation is not there. Any chance you could upload the presentations in PPT or pdf format? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi – thanks for the comment. As it’s in Google docs, you need to hit the download button (the down arrow) at the top right of the screen, which should then download it to your computer – and it should then open up. If it still doesn’t, do come back and let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

      1. It downloads it as a weird .key document which I’ve never even heard of before – maybe me and my machine are a bit behind with the times …! I’ve managed to access it through my head downloading it from NCA tools but thank you for bringing this to our attention 🙂

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