Empty Nest: Tips on How to Survive When Your Kid Goes to College

Moving away from home to attend college is a big step for your kid toward adulthood. However, moving away from home can create an emotional separation between you and your child, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. While you may console yourself that you will enjoy your newfound space, you will still experience a sense of loss. Keep in mind that your child will still need you even when they leave, and it’s vital that you identify this change to allow them to make independent choices and learn from their mistakes.



How to Cope After Your Child Moves Out

Plan for their departure

Most of the parents who are able to deal with their empty nest quickly are those who plan ahead. Therefore, you need to focus on yourself and find new and non-parent ways to enjoy your time when your child is still in high-school. Remember, when your child leaves for college, the glorious energy they brought into your life will go with them. This means that you should start feeling your life with your own energy as soon as now. You can do this by simply ramping up your working hours, immersing yourself in your other interests, or working part-time.


Plan on how you can get together

Just because your child has become an Axo Student doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see them any time soon. There are several opportunities for visits, but you shouldn’t just fly or drive out to see them during the school year. Make plans to visit your child during the next family weekend. Such an event will give you peace of mind and also allow you to see how your child is coping.

Don’t forget that the school year is also filled with other holidays like winter break, thanksgiving, summer, and spring break. These holidays will come along much faster than you think. Therefore, make plans to get together as early as now, including how you will spend time at home and how you will spend time together at your favorite spot.


Embrace technology

Regardless of how far your child is, you will still be able to communicate with them. With the new technology, you won’t be worried about going for months without seeing your child. They’ll be a phone call away, so you should be well-prepared for early morning phone calls or late-night texts. Also, you can video chat with Skype or FaceTime on your PC or smartphone.


Get involved

When your child moves out to pursue their college diploma, you will feel like they’re embarking on a new chapter that won’t involve you. However, just because your child will be miles away from home doesn’t mean that they won’t need you in their life. In fact, they will need you more than ever before.

Before your child leaves for college, sit them down and talk to them about how you feel. Also, ensure that you tell your child that you’re proud of what they have become and that you’ll be there to support them throughout their college life.


Bottom Line

Both you and your child are starting a new chapter, and this lengthy process will reshape your lives. Therefore, you should give this transition the same care and thought you did when you were getting your child ready for secondary school, knowing that it will be filled with joy, pride, sadness, and discomfort.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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