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One of the stumbling blocks that I hadn’t even taken into account when we adopted our children 5 years ago, was childcare. After all – I was planning on being a stay at home parent, the children were old enough for nursery and school, and surely we could use family to help if we needed to. Hmmm, not enough thought was put into that I now think! Fast forward 5 years, and in all that time we’ve been out just the two of us for a grand total of THREE times. The thing is, it’s not for lack of trying – after all there have been so many films we’ve wanted to see, so many anniversaries we’ve wanted to celebrate BUT we just couldn’t find the childcare that we needed and trusted! Thankfully we were pointed in the direction of and haven’t looked back! – who are they?

If you’ve never heard of them, is a website which is packed full of babysitters, nannies, tutors, childminders and nursery nurses all within your local area. After all, there’s no point finding a babysitter and discovering that they are 30 miles away! They currently have over 2 million users (which was a huge draw to us) and their tag line is ‘the easy way to find local childcare‘. So we put it to the test!

The Search

Firstly we decided to do a super quick check of who was in the local area without creating an account. Although in these current lockdown conditions (April 2020) we don’t currently need any childcare, we are looking ahead to when we are able to get out and about and have decided that a lovely night out will be in order – so we decided to start with looking for a babysitter. The initial search was so incredibly easy. Pop in who you are looking for and your local area and hit search! The initial search starts with a 5 mile radius but we changed that to a 1 mile radius and then used the extra filters given to search for a babysitter with a DBS. Amazingly there popped up 199 babysitters in our local area! Brilliant!

The basic search – so easy to use!
So many extra filters made it so easy to narrow down who we were looking for!

One of the most helpful parts of is not just finding all these childcare providers in such a quick time and so local, but that each one has it’s own short profile page giving some more information about each person, how much they charge, whether they have any relevant qualifications and a photo. It made it so much easier when scrolling through them to quickly see a short summary of who they are, and then when you click on the profile you can get a lot more information about each person.

The Registration Process

So far so good – in fact so far, REALLY good! So the next step, after looking through the different choices, was to make an account so that we could contact our chosen babysitter. The registration process was incredibly quick – a little information about me, our family and what our childcare needs are, as well as the times we might be looking for childcare, and away we went. Just a quick matter of waiting for a confirmation email and confirming our email, and we were fully registered on the site.

What About The Safety Aspect?

One aspect of choosing any form of childcare which has always concerned us is the safety aspect. Essentially it feels as though you are choosing a stranger to come and look after your children – and particularly for us with adopted children, this is a HUGE worry. However really takes that fear away. Firstly you can find childcare providers who are DBS checked (this is the checks from the criminal bureau), or Ofsted registered, but you can also read reviews from other parents which really put our minds at ease. Even more than this, if someone says that they are DBS registered and hasn’t sent their documents to be verified with, then they flag this to you at the very beginning!

So having found our babysitter, we then had the chance to contact them to let them know our requirements and find out a bit more about them. have this part sorted for you and safety as well as they suggest that you use their online portal to contact potential providers initially until you feel safe and secure enough to swap details with them. Another great safety feature.

Our Final Thoughts

We were really impressed with Within about 10 minutes we had registered, found several babysitters and contacted them for more information. So much easier than using word of mouth! I would encourage anyone who is looking for childcare, whether that is a one off babysitter, a nanny or a private tutor, to go across to and register with them. In these slightly odd times, it’s also so good to know that there is a dedicated website to help parents access emergency or last minute childcare – something that is usually so very hard to find! It was so hassle free, so safety conscious and so incredibly easy to use – I have to agree with their tagline – it REALLY was the easiest way to find local childcare!

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