Book Bags Or Backpacks? Which Works Best?

Since the beginning of the school year, I’ve been having numerous conversations with both Little Sir and Little Miss about whether they still need a book bag.  When they started the school earlier this year, they were both given a book bag by the school, which was lovely to receive. But less than 6 months later, both of them are keen to move on to a backpack.

So, when the new school term started, we made the decision that they would both move to a backpack. We had two main reasons for this.



Both children will be having more homework this year than they did last year.  Little Miss brings her homework home in an A4 folder, which wouldn’t fit into a book bag. She also has much longer reading books, and a thick reading diary.  All of these, along with letters, were making her book bag too wieldy to easily carry.  Add to this a lunch box, a snack and a water bottle, and it no longer made sense for her to have a book bag.  Little Sir also has a lunch box and water bottle. He is also bringing home more crafty materials from school, so a backpack gives him all the space he needs.


As the children are getting older, their personalities are really beginning to shine through. They both have quite firm ideas about the things they love and want to show these off to their friends.  So, when they had the chance to pick their own back packs, Little Miss quickly chose a unicorn backpack, and Little Sir headed for a Star Wars one.  Not only this, it definitely makes it easier for them to find their own bag in the cloakroom, which means much less lost book bags!

The difficulty when choosing a backpack is to make sure that it will be suitable for the children’s needs. We tried several different ones out for Little Miss and some were just too big or too small for her needs.  So we realised that the best thing to do was to make sure that it would be big enough to fit in her lunchbox, but not so big that it was almost dragging on the floor.  One of our tips would be to look at as many different types of back packs as you can before picking the right one.  

If you aren’t sure where to start, have a look at this Best School Backpacks list, which has a huge range of backpacks for every situation from Nursery upwards.  They are also launching a competition on Monday with the opportunity to win a number of different back packs including: Peak Design Everyday Backpack (RRP £230), Wolffepack Escape (RRP £125), Trakke Fingal (RRP £95), Madpax Don’t Burst My Bubble (RRP £70), Osprey Pogo 24 (RRP £50), Trunki Toddlepak (RRP £19.99)

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