7 Fabulous Virtual Visits For Children

I do think, regardless of the slightly terrifying times we are currently in around the threat of the coronavirus, that we are actually really lucky. Bear with me here! The thing is, if we’d had this pandemic back when I was a kid (many MANY years ago) we would have been stuck in the house with literally nothing to occupy us except any books we might already own, a few board games often with pieces missing, and a few hours of TV per day. But as we speak now, we can stay home but visit the penguins in the zoos, go on a virtual safari and visit the dinosaur fossils in The Natural History Museum. So, if you are looking for fascinating virtual visits for your children, then look no further! Enjoy visiting the world from the safety of your own sofa!

7 Fabulous Virtual Visits For Kids

Colchester Zoo

Zoos were one of the first areas which realised that they could bring their experiences to us and many have put virtual visits up on YouTube or on Facebook pages. Colchester Zoo has it’s own YouTube channel where you can watch the penguins go on a tour, watch a rare vulture chick hatch or watch a giant tortoise enjoy it’s breakfast! It’s a fascinating up close experience that you probably wouldn’t be lucky enough to experience even if you went to the zoo! It’s definitely worth a watch!

Longleat Virtual Safari

At the beginning of April, Longleat was amongst one of the first zoos to put on a virtual visit and it was a real triumph! Guided through the safari by BBC’s Kate Humble, you can visit the whole of Longleat from the safety of your own home!


If you would like to watch something a little more live, then you can’t go wrong with the huge variety of webcams on the Explore.org website. You can watch everything from pandas playing in China, to gorillas in the DRC and pretty much any animal and nature feed you could want! The children have loved having access to so many stunning and beautiful creatures – and it’s also teaching them patience whilst waiting to see if any of the animals appear on camera!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

If your little one (or you for that matter) are more of the underwater species watcher, then you have to take a look at Monterey Bay Aquarium’s live cams. I was lucky enough to visit the Aquarium on my honeymoon (which feels like a lifetime ago now) and it was quite possibly one of the most incredible aquarium I’ve ever visited. They are doing live streams of various different wonderful species but they are also doing live narrated feedings of some of the residents! Definitely one to catch!

Buckingham Palace

If you aren’t really a nature buff but instead love to look inside palaces and learn about history and architecture, then you can’t go wrong watching a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace. There are several tours you can do but the best one for children and families is a guided tour which has been put on especially for children. You are lead through the front doors and into the Palace where the guide explains all about each room and what’s special about it!

The British Museum

All of the UK’s museums have taken it upon themselves to make their exhibitions available to us all whilst we are at home, and in so many different ways. At The British Museum you can visit individual exhibitions, listen to their podcast or get stuck in with some educational learning for children.

The Dickens Museum

Another, smaller, museum that is has put itself online is The Dickens Museum. This lovely little museum has put a 3D self guided tour onto it’s website which allows you to step inside and visit all of the different rooms and exhibits from the comfort of your own sofa. A perfect visit for any Dickens fans out there.

No matter what interests you and your children have, there is bound to be a virtual visit out there somewhere. So far we have used Google Earth 3D to explore the world, visit the pyramids and see what the Poles look like, as well as watching so many webcams of animals in the wild that we’d never normally get to see.

Of course, it’s not even close to being as good as seeing everything up close and personal, but we are having a great time visiting the world from the sofa and planning what we are going to visit when the time is right!

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