4 Fabulous Back To School Must Have’s

This is the first September when both of my children will be going in full time to school. Last September we made the decision that we would homeschool for a year, and previous to that Little sir was in Nursery! So this is the first Summer when we’ve really had to think about buying back to school equipment, and there is so much of it!

We’ve spent a few weeks trying to work out what the children will actually need in school, as opposed to what they would want! So when we were asked if we’d like to review a few back to school items from Find Me A Gift, we jumped at the opportunity. We sat down with the children and looked at what they would need to go back to school, and each of them picked two ideas. One stationery based, and one for packed lunches! 

School is just around the corner, so check out these 4 fabulous back to school must haves.Little Sir started off by picking these fabulous racing car rubbers. As soon as I saw them I knew that he would go for them – he absolutely loves cars and vehicles so these were right up his street.  However, what we didn’t realise until they arrived was, they were actually pull back erasers!! As soon as we had them out of the box, Little Sir was racing them with Little Miss, and even the kittens got into the act chasing them as soon as they were pulled back.  Not only this, but they are a fantastic size – just right for little hands who need something big to grip onto.  I know for sure that Little Sir is doing to love playing, and rubbing out, with these fab rubbers!
School is just around the corner, so check out these 4 fabulous back to school must haves.When I saw this fantastic unicorn pencil case, I knew that Little Miss would fall in love immediately.  She loves everything unicorn, and everything colouring, so combine the two and she was sold.  We really loved how solid the unicorn is, and how easy it is to pull apart and take the colouring pencils out.  From a parent point of view, I really love that each pencil has it’s own slot – no more pencils tipping out of pencil cases – win win!

School is just around the corner, so check out these 4 fabulous back to school must haves.This year, both of the children will be having packed lunches. Last year I only had to do lunch for Little Sir (he didn’t really get on with the school lunches) but didn’t have to worry about Little Miss. But this year, I needed to make sure that both children have an appropriate lunchbox and equipment.  As Little Sir already has his lunch box from last year, we decided that these Lunch Bug bags would be just the ticket.  He loves the fact that each bag has a bug on it, and he really can’t wait until his friends see them!
School is just around the corner, so check out these 4 fabulous back to school must haves.We did, however, need to find a lunch box for Little Miss. There are so many out there in the supermarkets and online, but I know from experience that the fabric ones just don’t last the year. We’d already looked at a few box and tin ones, but none of them appealed to Little Miss. She really wanted one which was cute to look at and would fit enough food into to fill her up. So, when we say the Pusheen Double Layer Lunchbox, I figured we’d be onto a winner. Little Miss fell for it because she loved the little kitten on the front and I think she’ll feel really proud to have this as her lunchbox into Year 3 – it’s certainly more grown up than a princess one!
School is just around the corner, so check out these 4 fabulous back to school must haves.For me though, it was the amount of space that the lunchbox has that made it perfect.  There are two compartments, with the top one divided into two shallow sections, and the bottom section being deeper. Not only that, but it came with a spoon and fork! So for the first time I can confidently send a pasta salad AND a yoghurt, knowing that she has something to eat it with.  

So there are our recommendations for 4 fabulous back to school items.  Both of the children were delighted with their choices, and I was delighted with how sturdy and good sized each of the items are.  I try very hard to avoid small, flimsy items as I know they won’t last the year, but each of these will definitely last the academic year and well into the next few years as well!

Disclaimer: We were sent the products in return for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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