I love birthday parties, but I hadn’t realised the difficulty of having children with birthdays almost exactly a month apart! Before the children came home, I hadn’t realised how very stressful organising one birthday party was. Double it and talk about wanting to tear my hair out!  After several months of going back and forth with different ideas (each costing so much more than the previous one!) I realised that I need to find a… View Post

A year ago when I was stressing just slightly about what to do with my two children during the long summer holidays coming up (more in a later blog about why I’m so looking forward to the holidays this year!), my lovely work colleagues clubbed together and bought us a family membership to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo – and from that moment on we have loved every second we can spend at the zoo! If you’ve… View Post

One of the things I have discovered since becoming a mum, is how important time is! No longer do I have hours to think and plan what we are going to have for dinner! When it was just the two of us, it didn’t matter if we both wanted to eat something different – I had all the time in the world. But when Little Miss and Little Sir came home, I quickly realised that… View Post

We were so lucky, almost 24 months ago, to be able to complete our family with Little Miss (now 7) and Little Sir (almost 5).  That was when our adventures began! In the first few months of adopting, we discovered the following: 7.30am does exist on a Saturday and Sunday! Legoland is so much more exciting with two small children. You can never have too many wipes in the house/car/handbag/rucksack. When going out, add at… View Post

Sending your kids to school can be hard. For the first time we have no way of knowing what they are doing each day. Will they make friends? Will they listen to the teacher? Have they learnt anything? Questions, questions – so many questions. At the beginning, children are happy to answer questions. After all they generally love to talk about themselves (who doesn’t!) But by the middle of Reception and definitely into Year 1… View Post