Books! We love books! Before the children came home, we ordered every book we could lay our hands on that would be suitable for a 3 and 5 year old – and 3 years later our house is bursting with books! But – that absolutely never stops me acquiring more! So when we were contacted by Rebecca Bourne who has just self published her first children’s book The Wilbies Go To The Moon, we were… View Post

As regular readers will know, we are all about the books here at The Newby Tribe.  One of the biggest things that upset me when the children came home was the lack of exposure they had been given to books of any type. They didn’t know any nursery rhymes, didn’t have a favourite book or character, and hadn’t been read any bedtime stories.  To say it broke my heart is an understatement. So from the… View Post

One of the biggest issues I found when I was teaching Key Stage 2 children, was that they have a tendency to use a lot of repetition in their word choices.  I, along with numerous other teachers, have spent many an hour creating resources to encourage children to make more interesting word choices, often to no avail.  The problem really is that, no matter how many words we give the children, unless they understand the… View Post

One of the biggest challenges facing teachers today, and it hasn’t changed in the 10 years that I have been a teacher, is finding high quality resources which support children’s learning in a way which is not onerous to the teacher and are easy for children to use.  There is no area that this is hardest to come across than writing.  Writing is, and always will be, one of the most difficult areas to teach,… View Post

Finances are tight for most students, and you cannot expect your parents to fund your lifestyle, as well as your tuition fees and books. If you want to get some spending money, you can try different options that don’t require investments, or get together with your friends to launch a larger operation. Find out about the most suitable gigs for students below.Image via Wikimedia CommonsBlogging The most obvious choice for students seems to be blogging.… View Post