Here at the Newby Tribe, we absolutely love getting outside to play! Well…I say WE, what I really mean is Little Sir and Little Miss! When the children first came home (almost 2 years ago now!) it was clear that they hadn’t spent a lot of time outside. They were pretty risk averse and really didn’t have the confidence or resilience to just try new things.  Fear was definitely the name of the game!  Almost… View Post

Easter! Little Sir was super excited about Easter this year.  Last year he was quite confused about why there were suddenly chocolate eggs in the house, but this year he is very much on board! He’s been learning all about the meaning of Easter in Reception and taking great joy in informing us all about it. (Did you know that we have chocolate eggs because they look like the stone in front of the tomb??… View Post

Living Arrows is a lovely photo series hosted by Donna over at What The Redhead Said which is all about celebrating childhood. As the poet Khalil Gibran wrote: “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” I’m enjoying taking lots of photos of the children, and it is only when I look back over them that I notice the little things that I didn’t see at the time. The… View Post

The day you get the permission slip home which informs you your child is going on an exciting school trip elicits two very different responses. Your Child: “Yay, we are going on a school trip.  I get to ride on a bus.  I’m going to sit with my friends – I can’t wait!” You: “A school trip? Oh no – not happening, he’s only tiny, what if they lose him, or he’s travel sick or… View Post

As regular readers will know, this year we have decided that Little Miss will be homeschooled in order to bring her learning up to closer to her peers.  It’s been a great year so far, but I knew that we were missing out somewhere on the fun and excitement that I had wanted to bring to her learning.  So when we were lucky enough to be selected as Brand Ambassadors for the lovely Mila and… View Post