When we decided to adopt, I thought that I was a perfect ‘candidate’.  Why? Well… I had over 10 years experience working with children, loved my job and knew how to connect with them. I had been a Primary Headteacher as well as being the SENCo for a very short period of time, so I understood about special needs. We were planning on adopting school aged children, so I would know how to get the… View Post

*This is a collaborative post. As a kid I always had great respect for those that served in the military. Growing up with Grandparents who served in various wars, it was important for me to share other stories like theirs with friends and family members. One of these particular stories is Dan Anton’s. He may just seem like a regular success story to some, but to others who are in the business and blogging world,… View Post

It’s now been 2 years since the children came home with us. Two years of learning how to be a family unit. Two years of figuring out how to do this parenting lark! We’ve had so many successes over the last 24 months.  Little Sir has moved from barely being able to talk to being able to explain the pollination of flowers.  Little Miss has progressed from not being able to recognise one letter to… View Post

Summer is here! Well, Summer was here last week but appears to have gone into hiding again. However, being the permanent optimist that I am, I know it’ll appear again. Summer is quite possibly my favourite time of the year.  Sunshine, kids outdoors, water fights – and of course the obligatory BBQ.  Actually for us, this will be the first year that we have had BBQ food.  Little Sir has never been that keen on… View Post

When we were considering adoption, way back in 2014, I devoured as many books as I could possibly find on the subject.  I wanted to go into the whole process with my eyes wide open, knowing as much as I could. So I read blogs online, ordered vast quantities of books off the internet and was never without my Kindle in my hand.  So…I was well prepared?? Actually, it turns out that adoption is NOTHING… View Post