Magical Christmas Eve Box Ideas

When we were small, we always had a tradition on Christmas Eve. We’d always be allowed to open one present and, no matter how well we chose, it always seemed to be brand new pyjamas! Even though we would have really liked a toy, actually going to bed in our new pyjamas just added to the excitement of Christmas.  So, I knew that, when Little Miss and Little Sir came home, that we would continue this tradition with them.  However, when I started to look into it a little more, it turns out that our basic tradition has now turned into something just a little bigger. The Christmas Eve Box!

The Christmas Eve Box

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Are you wondering what to put in this year's Christmas Eve Box? Click through for some great ideas, guaranteed to add magical memories to your Christmas!

The Christmas Eve box is essentially a box of goodies designed to both get the excitement of Christmas going, but also to help settle children on Christmas Eve when they are bound to be hyper and super excited.  

New pyjamas

New pyjamas are an absolute must in the Christmas Eve box.  After all, is there anything lovelier than heading to bed after a warm bath in brand new pyjamas? This year we have decided to go a little different, and I’ve bought matching PJ’s for all of us! 

It’s not something we have done before but I figured that the children are still small enough to think this is fun. I’m pretty sure in a few years time they will downright refuse, so I’m making the  most of it whilst I can!  There are some great choices over on Amazon but I’ve gone for these festive red ones!

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Festive DVD

Always a good plan on Christmas Eve.  A family film is guaranteed to keep everyone entertained and hopefully calm down any super excited children (and grown ups!)  Over the years we have considered so many from The Gruffalo, to The Grinch and The Polar Express, but each year we come back to our one true favourite – The Muppets Christmas Carol

I challenge you not to sing along with the vegetables and not to shed a tear at Tiny Tim’s fate!  So, once again we’ll be waiting until Christmas Eve to watch this one!

Reindeer food 

The children are still young enough to be excited at the thought of Rudolph landing on our roof, so of course we have to make sure that there is some reindeer food in our Christmas Eve box.  Sometimes we include a carrot but this could be small bags of sparkly oats to sprinkle on the lawn so Rudolph knows where to land.  Kidspot have a great recipe for reindeer food which includes a great printable to go on the front! 

Board Games

We started adding board games to our Christmas Eve box back when the children first came home – which didn’t really work for them then as they hadn’t had any experience of playing games together.  However, this year we are back on the games as both of the children now understand and thoroughly enjoy the challenge and laughter that go with games.  We’ve tried lots this year, from Uno (which is now our go to game for restaurants!) to Snakes and Ladders, but in the box this year we have bought What’s The Time Mr Wolf by Orchard Toys.  We love Orchard Toys board games because of there durability and simplicity of play, and as both children are currently learning to tell the time, this seems like the perfect pre Christmas gift!

Christmas Eve Box ideasA Christmas Story

What better way to end the day than by having a lovely festive story?  So far we have read The Night Before Christmas (which was beautiful but I think the children were a little confused about the language) and How The Grinch Stole Christmas – but this year I think we have outdone ourselves!  We have got the most gorgeous book – The Christmas Snowflake from Wonderbly. 

Christmas Eve Box Ideas Wonderbly

We’ve been lucky enough to have been sent a few Wonderbly books this year, all of which have gone down so well with the children because of how beautifully they are illustrated and the attention to detail of the personalisation, but I think that The Christmas Snowflake may just be their favourite!  Not only is the story utterly beautiful and captivating – all about a snowflake finding just the right home – but it also contains the names of up to 9 family members.  To cap it all, at the very end of the story is the most gorgeous snowflake decoration to hang on the tree.  I absolutely can’t wait to read the story to the children and then hang the snowflake as the last decoration before the big day!  

Christmas Eve Box Wonderbly

In reality though you can really add anything you know that your children would love, be that sweets, a new cuddly toy, an activity set or even a letter from Santa.

As for the box itself, you can buy elaborate wooden boxes with your children’s names engraved on it, but it works just as easily to use a shoe box or cardboard box.  We just us a cardboard box and wrap it up in Christmas wrapping paper so it looks all festive. 

Do you do a Christmas Eve box or do you have another tradition to help calm the children down on Christmas Eve? We’d love to hear what your traditions are.

Are you wondering what to put in this year's Christmas Eve Box? Click through for some great ideas, guaranteed to add magical memories to your Christmas!


  1. Ali P
    December 9, 2016 / 9:12 pm

    Carol service Christmas Eve, home for drink & snack (maybe with friends so may exchange presents) then new pj’s (dressing gown this year as pj’s all OK & outgrown dressing gowns) then leave out stocking and something for Santa and the reindeer before up to bed for a story and sleep. Has worked now for last 5 years. Very happy and slow start to a special time of the year. By the way, the stocking stay downstairs & we all come down at 7.😉

  2. December 16, 2016 / 7:40 pm

    I really like this idea – we usually have christmas on christmas eve (german tradition I believe) but this year is our first Xmas at home so hoping to start some new traditions #eatsleepblogrt

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